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Soccer Team Owner: An innovative way to make profit on Spanish Football

The European football market is now estimated to be worth more than 25.5 billion euros.  Finals like the Champions League have become one of the most important events of the year, seen in more than 200 countries. As a recent expert report form the World Economic Forum explains, football teams have become entertainment companies and we agree.

Football creates a connection with people who share an unconditional passion for their team where we are all equal and where a sense of belonging prevails.


Spain has some of the best teams in the world and where the largest number of fans are concentrated. The direct economic impact of professional football reached more than 3,900 million euros of which more than 75 % comes from fans who spend on services and products related to their teams.

These are only some of the reasons why we as a group of entrepreneurs and football fans want to extend an invitation to other fans from all around the world to join us in buying a Spanish team currently active in Third Division or Second B division, reform it, professionalize and give it all the resources possible so it can have the best chance at reaching first division / LA LIGA.

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Team Owner is an innovative project in which other football fans are invited to be partakers of the benefits of their own club. As entrepreneurs and football fans, we want to extend an invitation to other fans from all over the world to join us in the purchase of a Spanish Third Division or Second Division B team. All this with the aim of reforming, professionalizing and giving all possible resources to increase the chances of ascending to the First Division, La Liga.

In Team Owner we are sure that there are many teams and players with a lot of potential, but not enough resources. So we have researched and found at least 9 Spanish teams that would be ideal candidates for this project. We also know that there are many sports fans like us and we want to give them the opportunity to be part of the success of one of these teams, investing in their passion.

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In addition, this initiative will improve the quality of life of the club, the players, the image of the
city and will be a cycle of remarkable benefit for all.

Through the use of blockchain technology, we have just launched a TOKEN SALE with the objective of democratizing the investment and giving the chance to fans to be able to invest in a club with a lot of potential and push it to its success with minimum amounts.

This project is powered by Innoventia, an End 2 End Tokenization platform and supported by two partner companies, Teknei:  a tech solutions company with more than 3000 employees and ten years expierence in its field and Hill House Capital: which provides a unique investment experience in revolutionary projects and which brings more than 30 years experience in the financial and banking industry to the table.

Finally to reach our objective we have round up a team of highly qualified experts, amongst which we also count with the support of advisors who have a wide professional history in the football field and are actively supporting  innovative projects such as ours.

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Visit: www.teamowner.io

Telegram: t.me/soccerteamowner

Twitter: Twitter.com/SoccerTeamOwner


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