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SW DAO boosts AI trading with new strategies on Polygon

Passive income is money generated with minimal active effort. That is why it is so popular. Stock gains, interest, commodities, lottery winners, and capital gains are all common earnings examples.

As for the cryptocurrency market, trading is one of the most popular ways to earn passive money. And thanks to quantitative trading firms like SW DAO, trading Bots have moved to the next level making this way of earning passive income even more effortless.

For years, algorithms have driven the market, and SW DAO is convinced that they will help users build an efficient portfolio. With the 3 new trading strategies on Polygon, SW DAO wants to target beating the market, giving very favorable risk metrics and the advantage of more significant market trends, each of them with its different features.

The experience of using trading bots

Crypto investors use trading strategies known as trading bots to automate buying and selling positions based on technical indicators. By implementing particular trading techniques, bots try to achieve the highest profitability possible with the lowest drawdown possible.


Traders utilize bots to take advantage of the global cryptocurrency markets, which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bots have the edge over human traders in that they can react faster and never have to take a break. 

Meanwhile, most investors lack time to dedicate to constantly getting the ideal transaction. Ideally, the bots make a bigger profit in risk-adjusted terms than if you had just bought and held the same coins.

SW DAO’s new trading strategies

SW DAO’s new tokenized strategies are on the Polygon network. Polygon allows users to execute and interact with various Ethereum-based decentralized apps without paying significant transaction fees.

The new strategies by SW DAO are the Discretionary Alpha Strategies, the Macro Trend Strategies, and the Quantum Momentum Strategies just to name a few.

Discretionary Alpha Strategies

When you’re investing, you should look for ways to reduce the risk as much as possible. Therefore, Discretionary Alpha Strategies are an excellent alternative for investors trying to outperform the market. 

This innovative technique combines human intelligence with advanced machine learning to provide exceptional results that exceed the competition. Thanks to the cutting-edge risk management system, users may also be confident that their money is secure. 

So, if you’re seeking a market-beating investment approach, Discretionary Alpha Strategies is the way to go.

Quantum Momentum Strategies

Do you want to generate alpha while also lowering your risk? Quantum Momentum is the answer. Machine learning is used in this high-frequency momentum-based technique to find the best risk-adjusted returns. It may be utilized as a stand-alone investment or in connection with the other SW DAO market-beating techniques to achieve the best results.

Macro Trend Strategy

SW DAO’s original Macro Trend techniques strive to deliver considerable capital appreciation through a long-short portfolio of quantitative and Artificial Intelligence-based strategies.

By actively trading crypto, the method takes advantage of wider market developments. This enables the strategy to maximize earnings while reducing risk. Because the Macro Trend Strategy approach is based on artificial intelligence, it can adapt and evolve as the market changes.

Join SW DAO’s trading community

There is no problem if you are new in the investment journey; you can access an easy-to-follow guide offered by SW DAO to help you get started.

The guide and more information about the latest trading strategies and earning opportunities are on the official SW DAO website.

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