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Tension as the Ordinals, NFTs on Bitcoin Triggers Rowdy Celebration

The Ordinals, which is integrated into the Bitcoin blockchain, has been termed a Runaway Achievement. These Ordinals have suddenly become a significant headline in every Bitcoin news. Crypto analysts have said that major developers from Ethereum and other known blockchains are responsible for aggregating Bitcoin developers and also attracted public attention.

The process, analysts believe was behind the description of Bitcoin blockchain smooth operations. And it has also been said to be a threat to the chain’s future fork, and all these happened within of space it two weeks. 

The Ordinals Explained

Many people in the cryptocurrency industry have been interviewed to get the actual explanation of the Ordinals since they (the ordinals) have received too many definitions since its inception into the crypto space. An anonymous crypto stakeholder explained the Ordinals as a color coin and a repeat of an old idea. They believe that this idea has been in existence since 2011.


They explained that a colored coin is a digitally created personal Satoshis1 that can contain more valuable information. This can be linked to an NFT art, a ticket to a concert, or an air mileage point. Experts interviewed at the cause of the report believe that as much as the concept is old, it wasn’t properly integrated into the Bitcoin blockchain. 

They went ahead to add that the reason behind this decision is because of the technological hitches that were forcefully integrated into Bitcoin immediately after it was reported that Satoshi was done with the Bitcoin project.

It was also said that the lack of storage space for data on the Bitcoin transactions and the lack of required OP_CODES for BTC script language gave rise to a  money2 that can actually be programmed. Currently, collectible NFT art has been said to be the most famous blockchain, and it has grown to become the most talked-about feature of the blockchain. And till date, this has become the focus of most Ordinal projects we see today.

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The BTC and Its Army of Developers

According to some investigative reports gathered from mainly Bitcoin leading developers, the Taproot project was created to convince the public that they can no longer program money on Bitcoin. It was also gathered that the said Taproot initiative was launched in 2022 and has been predicted to have the ability to bring back Bitcoin’s ability to write programs.

It has also been revealed that developers are working on an upgrade. This upgrade uses the Segwit unique feature called the “Witness data.” This feature is described as a feature that allows the operation of the discounted part of a Bitcoin block. This part influences a discount fee of 75%, contrary to the original charges. It was reported that Taproot developers didn’t expect the public to adapt to the Ordinal project as fast as they did. 

It was said users were too fast to explore other parts of the Ordinals, like the NFT art and integrated pictures, augmenting the fees. Again, it was said that the KISS principles were also adopted when trying to compel innovators to use all the features available in the free market. KISS principles state that should anyone set out to do something in an easier or more complicated way, it is always better that you keep it simple or face looking stupid. 

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While talking to reporters about this development, industry stakeholders believe that the KISS principles have finally returned to hunt the developers of Bitcoin. This is linked to the fact that it can carry as much as 4MB of NFT information and images for the first time on Bitcoin. Developers believe this is a big deal ‘cos most of these NFTs that run on ETH often don’t contain NFT data on a Chain3. 

Information gathered so far said that instead of saving it outside the chain, it distributes the storage system like every other cloud storage service. We also gathered that there is a vast legal implication of NFT minted using that pattern. It can only mean that the developer(s) of these NFTs need more legal authority. This means that they have not gotten anything that is legally viable.

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