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Tether Reclaims Lost $20B From TerraUSD Collapse

The world’s largest stablecoin, USDT, has seen an unprecedented rise in valuation in the past few months after surpassing a whopping $82.3 billion in market cap. Tether has defied the odds by reclaiming the $20 billion market value it had relinquished in the wake of the TerraUSD stablecoin debacle that unfolded a year ago.

A Drive For Transparency

According to Tether’s chief technology officer (CTO) Paolo Ardoino, the latest milestone points to the desire by individuals to gain financial control of their life. The CTO noted that Tether’s recent gain was only possible with people’s demand for increased financial autonomy.

With an unwavering dedication to industry-leading transparency practices and a track record of enduring resilience, Tether has earned a commendable reputation as a responsible entity capable of quickly navigating market fluctuations.

As a result, clients are responding to the stablecoin’s impact on their daily financial dealings. Amid last year’s turbulent market condition, Tether and other leading stablecoins experienced a notable decrease in market capitalization.

Concerned investors chose to withdraw their investments, which further contributed to the decline. Although Tether regained the market value it had lost in the previous year, other stablecoins did not perform better.

Take USD Coin (USDC) as an example. Coingecko data shows that it currently has a market capitalization of around $29 billion, notably lower than its peak of over $56 billion. Findings from Kaiko researchers indicate that Tether is utilized in more than half of all transactions carried out on centralized exchanges, highlighting its prominent position and widespread acceptance within the cryptocurrency trading space.

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The increase in Tether’s market capitalization and its remarkable rebound from last year’s issues marks a significant turning point for stablecoins and the broader cryptocurrency landscape. This achievement further strengthens Tether’s reputation as a reliable and resilient participant, instilling trust among investors and cementing stablecoins as an integral element of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

US Lawmakers To Halt Fed’s CBDC Test

Meanwhile, increasing debate exists about the development of the US central bank digit currency (CBDC). Critics cite the overwhelming powers the asset hands to the government as it tracks individual transactions.

Accordingly, some United States Republican lawmakers are taking steps to prevent CBDC adoption in America. Congressman Alex Mooney submitted a bill on Tuesday, May 30, to prevent the Federal Reserve from conducting a pilot test of the CBDC.

The proposed legislation highlights rising fears regarding possible encroachments on the personal freedom of American citizens. The Digital Dollar Pilot Prevention Act, a significant legislative measure, aims to prevent the Fed from initiating, carrying out, or endorsing any initiatives associated with testing a prospective CBDC.

This bill has garnered support from fourteen additional House Republicans, signifying a collective effort to curtail the advancement of CBDC testing within the Federal Reserve. Those favoring the bill expressed concerns that introducing digital currency may lead to excessive government control and invasive monitoring.

On the other hand, CBDC supporters argue that it could simplify financial transactions and offer financial services to individuals with limited access to banking services. Despite the opposition from legislators, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently claimed that the development of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is still subject to ongoing discussions.

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Rather than waiting to reach definitive conclusions, the central bank is in the initial stages of experimentation and exploration. Powell’s remarks indicate that the Federal Reserve is cautious, carefully evaluating the potential ramifications of introducing a CBDC.

Meanwhile, several jurisdictions have advanced their CBDC initiatives internationally, with China launching its digital yuan for retail transactions. If successful, China’s CBDC would have broader implications for the future of fiat currency and the global financial ecosystem.

Observers believe the move will redefine the global opinion on cryptocurrency regardless of the US’s outcome regarding its CBDC initiative.

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