The 5 Best Crypto Exchanges for Altcoin Traders and Investors

Crypto investing or trading depends a lot on the kind of exchange you choose to use. The kind of exchange you use depends on what kind of crypto assets you’re interested in.

For example, the exchange an altcoin investor uses is quite different from the one a Bitcoin maximalist would use.

Altcoins have become increasingly popular because to many, Bitcoin has become too expensive for them. They therefore go for the mid and low caps to have a chance at making some reasonable gains. 

The kind of exchange that suits such investors is one that has a long list of altcoins. This gives them many options when it comes to assets they can buy and diversify their portfolio. The exchange also needs to have deep liquidity, enabling them to easily trade the altcoins that are not popular yet.


With these factors in mind, the following are the best crypto exchanges to use if you’re interested in altcoin investing.


 Binance is known globally as the top crypto exchange by trading volume, but that’s not all. The exchange also has a reputation for deep liquidity. Deep liquidity means that you can easily trade even crypto assets that are not so popular yet.

The exchange also has a long list of selected crypto assets, giving investors a wide menu to choose from. You’ll also find several offers on the exchange that you can enjoy on Binance, such as Binance Earn and Binance staking services.

You can use several methods to buy assets on this platform, including debit and credit cards, bank transfer, and others that you can use based on your convenience. Binance is currently used by over 100 million people worldwide, which shows its popularity.

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Coinbase is a reputable crypto exchange known for being the first crypto exchange to go public. The exchange is also known for having an assorted collection of crypto assets, which makes it ideal for altcoin investors. 

It is also one of the exchanges with the deepest liquidity, so that you can easily buy and sell your favorite crypto tokens. Coinbase is highly secure, having 95% of user assets stored in cold storage and also has insurance to cover any losses.

The only downside is that Coinbase fees are relatively high, making many people avoid it. However the fees are not a concern to you, Coinbase is an excellent crypto exchange for altcoin investors to make the most of their investment.


Bybit is a leading crypto derivatives exchange that provides support for altcoin investors. There are close to 1,000 supported crypto assets on this platform, and you can easily buy and sell with no friction.

Bybit also provides several methods for buying assets and depositing fiat money on the platform for onward purchase of crypto assets. The exchange is also available globally, with over 30 million users from hundreds of countries worldwide. 

In terms of security, Bybit is a highly secure trading platform, with licenses from several countries. You will also enjoy low trading and transaction fees on the exchange.


Following closely behind these ones is Kraken, another top global crypto exchange with headquarters in the U.S. The exchange supports well over 200 crypto assets you can choose from to trade with several pairs. 

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Kraken is reputed as the most secure crypto exchange, having existed since 2011 and without any record of security breach. The fees are also low, just like Binance, and is a suitable platform for both experienced and beginner investors.


OKX joins this list as an excellent platform for altcoin investors. It supports 350 crypto assets, and 500 trading pairs. In case you have been searching for a reliable platform to trade altcoins, this is a great option to use.

It is also one of the best platforms for staking crypto assets, so you can also take advantage of that to earn more with your assets.

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Alexander Grayson is a seasoned crypto trader with over a decade of experience in the industry. He has a reputation for his analytical approach to trading and his ability to anticipate shifts in the crypto landscape.

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