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The Best 5 Platforms for Staking Ethereum in 2024

The use of Ethereum for staking has become increasingly popular among crypto investors and enthusiasts.

Since the network converted from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), the number of staked ETH has quickly risen to a value of over $73 billion.

Staking is the mechanism by which PoS networks are kept secure. Validators, by staking their assets, are assigned the responsibility of validating transactions and ensuring that no one cheats the system.

Initially, only validators could stake ETH or any other crypto, but more options are now available, allowing just about anyone to stake and enjoy the benefits of staking. The good thing is that this market is not about to get saturated, as the network is also rapidly growing.


In this guide, we list some of the top platforms that you can use to stake your ETH and start earning rewards. 


Binance is known as the world’s biggest crypto exchange by trading volume, but it is also famous for other things, one of which is Ethereum staking. It is a favorite centralized platform for staking Ethereum for many users.

Binance rewards Ethereum stakers by giving Binance Staked Ethereum (BETH) as reward, which they can trade or use for other purposes. The platform is designed to accommodate all kinds of users with varying levels of crypto knowledge, making it suitable for all to use.

You can earn up to 3.66% APR when you stake ETH on Binance. Though this is relatively low, the exchange’s robust security and long years of credibility makes it an attractive option for staking ETH.

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This is a decentralized ETH staking platform that offers liquidity staking. This means that you can stake ETH and receive another token representing your staked assets that you can use on other platforms without unstaking.

This platform offers up to 3.48% APR, and is most suitable for experienced on-chain users looking for a decentralized platform to stake. One advantage of the RocketPool is that you don;t need a minimum of 32 ETH to stake.

You can stake as low as 8 ETH, which lowers the bar for many more people to be able to enter the staking space. 


Lido is the most popular liquid staking platform for Ethereum and other crypto assets. Like RocketPool, it allows users to use a version of their staked assets for other purposes without having to stop the existing staking.

The platform is known for its outstanding liquidity which makes it easy for users to exchange their staked ETH (stETH) tokens for other assets. Lido’s current reward stands at 3.8% APR, which is decent for a decentralized staking platform.

You also don’t need 32 ETH to stake here, you can start staking with almost any amount of ETH you have. The platform pools your ETH with those of other stakers to stake the 32 ETH on your behalf. This makes it easy for a large number of people to get in.

Frax Finance 

Frax Finance is another notable decentralized ETH staking platform within the DeFi space. It is designed to enhance yields and streamline staking processes, offering rewards of up to 3.78 APR on ETH.

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Its three main components are Frax Ether (frxETH), Staked Frax Ether (sfrxETH), and the Frax ETH Minter. While Frax Ether removes the need for 32 ETH for solo staking, frxETH, a stablecoin-like asset pegged to ETH, enables easy Ethereum integration into the Frax ecosystem.

Finally, sfrxETH represents yield-accruing frxETH, which users to earn staking rewards when exchanged for frxETH. 


Kraken is another centralized option for staking Ethereum. It offers up to 25% APY on staked ETH, which is among the highest in the space. Kraken offers its staking service through its prop platform, which may make it unsuitable for beginners.

You also need the 32 ETH minimum to stake as a node operator. There’s also an option to join a staking pool and stake as little as 0.0001 ETH. Although the exchange charges no commission, it takes a 15% administrative fee from your rewards.

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