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The Pain Points of Modern Advertising

Popular social networks currently retain almost the entire portion of advertising revenues, while the content creators receive close to nothing, like all other users who develop these social networks and make them popular. For example, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook raked in a total of about $112 billion from advertising in 2020. This is actually the money of their users.

And what about the quality? Probably every online denizen on Earth is familiar with the outdated and irritating form of banner advertising. Advertisers promoting goods and services in popular social networks are thus facing an acute problem due to the negative perception of this type of advertising by the audience at which it is aimed.

Something has to change, because the global digital advertising market is currently valued at $378 billion, and will surpass the $1 trillion mark by 2027, according to analysts.

What Is The Fragma Metaverse Project All About?

Imagine a world in which watching a news feed or posting a photo of your breakfast will be profitable. Everything you have done so far for free will now be paid using a clear and simple monetization model.


By relying on blockchain and using proprietary AR technologies, the Fragma Metaverse will create a new generation of social metaverses that will not only be fun, but also profitable for their users.

In simple words, the Fragma Metaverse is a unique digital world applying revolutionary solutions offering endless possibilities for monetizing activity, popularity, and useful actions.

The mission of the project is to free the online community from the restrictions that have been imposed on them and the established frameworks, to give everyone the freedom of choice. Fragma plans to become the largest and most popular blockchain metaverse in the world, where every user has the right to vote, make choices, and take part in the governance of the platform.

Implemented Solutions

– Social mining will be launched to allow users to earn money. Its operational principle is quite simple – when viewing feeds and committing actions, even if they are just posting likes or comments, users will receive rewards in the form of FRA tokens from the platform. Clear and simple.

– AR advertising of objects has been integrated into the content feeds and geo-ad-replacement, which allows showing various AR advertising artifacts in different countries while displaying the same content. The technology is already applicable in TV formats, but Fragma will be the first company to use it in its online iteration. This is how it looks:

The broadcaster will be able to independently select the required advertisements for each region.

– Content makers will be able to provide template photo or video slots in their content for advertisers to insert their ads. This technology is called AD Temp.

– The agreements between users and advertisers will be secured using smart contracts, and payments will be made only if all points stipulated in the contract have been fulfilled. Full decentralization at its best.

– Advertising revenues will be distributed among all users of the platform, depending on the contribution made by each user.

NFT Marketplace. Users will be able to mint, sell and rent NFTs within the metaverse. The Fragma Metaverse guarantees the protection of the rights and content of its users.

– The DAO model, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, will give each user a voice and freedom of choice. It will also allow them to take part in the governance of the platform. Freedom is important, because it is the right to say and think without external interference or censorship.

A Metaverse, an NFT Marketplace, GameFi, and Social Mining are just fragments of the immense Fragma Metaverse ecosystem. But it gets better, since many are already understanding that Fragma can become a real competitor to the global advertising giants on the market.

The FRA Token

Like every unique blockchain-based technology, the Fragma Metaverse has its native token – the FRA, which is used as the main transaction carrier within the ecosystem.

Over time, the developers will create their own blockchain to act as the basis for the FRA token.

The distribution of tokens within the framework of the project is as follows:

Not too many tokens will be available for purchase, and the private sale is underway only until December 10th, 2021. All willing should hurry to purchase their share of FRA at the lowest prices

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