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Tips to Play 3 Card Poker With a Crypto Casino Like a Pro

Tips to Play 3 Card Poker Like a Pro

Poker is one of the most popular and recognizable gambling games. Considering that the game is played just as much outside of casinos, as within, it might just be the most popular as well. However, when people say “poker” not everyone thinks of the same thing. Poker has several different variants. In this article, we are going to look at one of the more popular poker variants: three card poker played online with an online crypto casino.

How do you Win at 3 Card Poker Every Time?

So, three-card poker is a variant of the classic game that has gained quite a bit of popularity in 2022. It is played online, in land-based establishments, and at live dealer games. Its popularity has prompted many to ask the question: “Just how do I win at 3 Card Poker?” In this article, we are going to go over the basics and share a few hints and tips. However, before we get to that, let us tell you what you must do in order to become a great 3 Card Poker player.

The first step is the most obvious one. You have to learn the rules and the basics. There really isn’t much else to say here. Before you play a game, you must know the rules of the game. Once you’ve done so, practice. Whether with friends or at free-to-play games online, you will find the old adage “practice makes perfect” will ring true. Once you’re done practicing, learn how to manage a bankroll. Take these steps and you will be ready to play three card poker for real money in no time.

3 Card Poker – The Basics

As we said, the first step is to learn the basics. So, to make things easier for you, we are going to go over the basics of three-card poker right now. First of all, what might surprise you is that 3 Card Poker is a relatively recent game. It was created in 1994, and patented only 3 years later. In other words, unlike most poker variants, 3 Card Poker is only 20-or-so years old. During that time, the first gambling sites first opened, so the game gained quite a bit of prominence online and today many of them also accept cryptocurrency as payment.


The game itself could not be more simple. It is played between the player’s and dealer’s hands. Once the ante bets are placed, each player is dealt three cards, and the dealer is dealt three cards as well. The players can then decide whether they want to fold or continue. Once that is done, the hands are revealed and the pot money is doled out.

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What is the Best Bet in 3 Card Poker?

As with any game, 3 Card Poker often comes with a minimum bet and a maximum bet. Placing the best bet depends entirely on what you are going for. If you are a new player, and are just getting started, placing smaller bets is probably the smart choice. After all, you don’t want to wager all of your cash off the bat. If it resolves in a loss it will certainly result in a sour taste for the game, not to mention, you will lose a ton of cash.

However, as you improve and become a better player, you might find that placing the minimum bet over-and-over again is not interesting. So, by then you might want to try your luck and push the limits of your betting. And, when even that is not enough, then you could always try your hand at placing a pair plus bet.

Should You Bet the Pair Plus in 3 Card Poker?

So, what is a pair plus bet? In 3 Card Poker, Pair Plus is an optional side bet that you can place if you want to play at higher stakes. The pair plus bet does not involve the dealer. It is paid out based on a separate pay table, which will certainly vary from casino to casino. In other words, if the dealer does not qualify for the bonus bet, the player is still paid out if they’ve been dealt a pair or better. The following is the standard pay table, though as we said, it could change depending on the website/establishment you are playing at:

·        A Pair pays out 1-to-1

·        A Flush pays out 4-to-1

·        A Straight 5-to-1

·        Triples pay out 30-to-1

·        Straight Flush 40-to-1

3 Card Poker Winning Bonuses

When speaking about 3 Card Poker winning bonuses, the first thing that comes to mind is the 6 card bonus. It is worth noting, that this option is not available in all casinos. But, to put it simply, the player has the option of combining their hand, with the hand of the dealer in order to create a 6 card winning combination. Based on this combination, the player will be awarded a different payout. As we said, this option might not be available at all casinos, but when it is available, it is a fun twist.

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3 Card Poker Payouts and Odds

The most common payouts in 3 Card Poker are also the simplest. All payouts are 1:1. If the dealer’s hand qualifies, the ante wager is paid out 1:1, while the play wager ends in a push. When the dealer’s hand is higher than the players’, both wagers end in a push. And when the dealer’s hand is lower, both the ante-wager and the play wager are paid out 1:1.

When speaking about odds, three card poker has some decent odds for winning. The house edge of the game is only 2%, which for a poker game is not all that much. So, it is a great game to try if you want to play poker.

Summing Up

Hopefully, this article has cleared up a few misconceptions you might have had about 3 Card Poker with a crypto casino. Now that you know the basics, you will have no problem playing the game yourself. Just make sure to find a licensed and reliable gambling site and keep your data safe.

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