Top 5 NFT Play to Earn Games You Should Play

Are you looking for games you can play to earn rewards? Non-fungible token (NFT) games give you the opportunity to earn when you play. While most people are not aware, NFT play to earn games are making waves recently and we cover the top five in this guide.

It is projected that NFTs will be an integral part of the games in the future. Even now, NFT games like Axie Infinity are among the top cryptocurrencies. This demonstrates the place that such games hold in the hearts of game lovers globally.

Perhaps the reason for their increasing popularity is the reward they bring to the player, and also the intriguing nature of NFTs which you can create and trade as you wish. The following are five of the top NFT games you can start playing now to earn rewards.

You can be sure that these are the best games since they were selected based on user base and market volume. These are important metrics that tell you the potential and reward that such games hold. Without further ado, let’s get into it.



Illuvium is a game with a masive fanbase. It has amazing graphics that feature a lush envitonment and that makes it more beautiful than most NFT games. It is an AAA-tier game which is remarkable, because NFT games usually have simple graphics.

Players collect monsters in an open-world RPG adventure game, fuse them, and fight with them in turn-based battles. As you play, you can earn ether as you beat other players. To buy in-game materials, you’ll need Ethereum. Buying such items is important to boost your earnings eventually.

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As the Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow, this Ethereum-based game is expected to explode in the future, partly because of its beautiful design which many players find irresistible.


Faraland is a role play game based on Binance Smart Chain. You can play it by acquiring collectible characters you can use to fight in “the biggest war game” on BSC. Characters include monsters humans, orcs, angels, dragon borns, demons, elves, and fairies.

Each of the characters has unique characteristics and stats like strength, agility, intelligence, and luck, which affect how they behave. The design is a simple 2D design, with text that shows the conclusions of each action.

You can form a team of characters and move around the world on different adventures, which can be quite fun. Parts of the map give you the ability to carry out certain actions in this simple but addictive play to earn game.


CyberDragon is another amazing pay to earn game that has its own marketplace. As a player, your task is to challenge the mighty Cyber Dragon in this interesting BSC game. To play, you have to connect you BSC wallet with BNX tokens to hire a hero.

Your tokens are held in a pool which the Cyber Dragon hordes, and you can access the treasure in the pool when you defeat the dragon. Heroes include the classic mage, warrior, rogue, and ranger, each having unique attack style and abilities.

The graphics of the game are not so advanced, but if you don’t mind playing some old school animation game, you’ll find it rewarding, not to mention the crypto rewards you’ll earn.

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Crypto Mines

This mine-themed game tells the story of space exploration to search for $ETERNAL. It is a Sci-Fi game built on the blockchain, and if you love Sci-Fi movies, you’ll love it. All you have to do is connect your wallet such as Metamask.

The gameplay involves constructing a fleet with which you can explore space. Your Mine Power and the planets you can go to is determined by worker rarity. It also has great graphics just like Illuvium, even though it is not interactive. You’ll have a lot of fun playing it and making some money.

If you’re into games, why not play one that rewards you with crypto? Start with any of the above and start earning today.

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