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TopBTC Review – Is TopBTC Scam Or Legit?

TopBTC Exchange Rating
Account Types8.9
Trading Speed9.3
Customer Service9.2
Read our TopBTC review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this TopBTC review before you sign up with the exchange.

TopBTC Review

TopBTC logo

Several hundred cryptocurrency exchanges are currently available on the market. Separating the wheat from the chaff has proven to be a difficult undertaking. Despite a slightly negative reputation among community members, companies like TopBTC are attempting to carve their route in the industry. Despite generating a reasonable amount of volume for certain currencies, TOPBTC is not regarded as a top exchange by members of the cryptocurrency community. This TOPBTC review will teach you all you need to know before signing up with the exchange platform.

It looks to be a cryptocurrency exchange in Australia run by CEO Fu Wenke. By providing exposure to a few base currencies, the company primarily targets significant cryptocurrency marketplaces. This exchange’s cryptocurrency prices are also precluded from CoinMarketCap, largely because they differ significantly from the rest of the globe.

Exchange nameTOPBTC
Coin support36
Volume (24H)73,646.18 BTC
Trading pairs42
Top countryUnited States
Withdrawal fee0%
Trading Fees0.2%

What is TopBTC?

TopBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows for peer-to-peer trading. Although there is little information on the website about the team or the creator, TopBTC was formed in late 2016 by a Chinese investor, Jian Jouer. According to a few reviews, it was established for internal applications in China, and it is licensed in Australia. Because several crypto exchanges are a part of the Australian Digital Commerce Association, and TopBTC is not, this could be a red flag.

TopBTC website

The homepage, which includes market prices, press releases, and official news, is one of the website’s features. Following that is the market, which includes a price chart (which can be customized), trading histories, and ask-bid orders.

The fees for both the maker and the taker are set at 0.2 percent. There is also a two-stage verification by mobile app or SMS for security reasons. Furthermore, supplying personal information is not required throughout the deposit and withdrawal processes. Credit cards and wire transfers are both accepted. Withdrawal fees are not expressly stated. Thus clients are recommended to conduct their research before enrolling.

According to several user feedback, TopBTC was involved in various unpleasant situations, such as coins getting stolen or withdrawal orders being rejected. Some users complain about the long waiting period to respond to their emails or the lack of a phone number on the website (although it has a chatbot that seems active on Telegram, Twitter, and Shang). For these reasons, customers have expressed concern that TopBTC is a scam.

TOPBTC Trading fees

TOPBTC does not charge any fees for depositing cryptocurrencies. All trades have a 0.2 percent fee, which is taken automatically from the acquired assets. Withdrawing assets from the exchange are free for the near term, as the exchange will handle mining processing fees. It is not uncommon for exchanges to pay withdrawal fees, albeit it is unclear how long this situation will last.

To stay competitive, each exchange must list additional currencies and tokens. TOPBTC claims to provide a free listing service, but users must first create an account before presenting their project to be listed. Current coins mentioned for voting pose numerous concerns, as none appear to be sustainable or “big” in any sense. Customers can vote for free using TOPB, as one token offers one free vote or fifty bought votes, depending on how they wish to endorse their favorite tokens.

TOPBTC Withdrawal fees

Many crypto exchanges have reasonable trading fees but then charge you withdrawal fees on the way out. Assume you have met your financial objectives and want to buy a property with cryptocurrency. You have to withdraw the assets to purchase the property. In doing so, the crypto exchange can compensate for its low trading fees by charging you ridiculous withdrawal fees once you’re almost out of the door.

Services Offered by TopBTC

TopBTC is a market leader in the crypto exchange field due to its wide range of services. TopBTC offers numerous benefits for various types of accounts, but a summary of some of their most important services is as follows: –

Free Crypto Wallet

It provides its users with a free cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet can be used to store and trade any cryptocurrency exchange. TopBTC members can use their PayID to deposit funds (AUD) in their trading account at any time and trade instantly with these instant deposits. TopBTC deposit methods ensure that all trading quotes are completely transparent. The ease of using the deposit options also makes it quick and easy to transfer monies into and out of TopBTC accounts.

Exclusive Updates

TopBTC’s trading desk provides customers with exclusive updates on market ups and downswings regularly. AUSTRAC regulates all TopBTC transactions. TopBTC adheres to all global industry standards and protects and encrypts their clients’ data and currencies to nearly bank-level levels.

Investment Advice

TopBTC members also have access to proprietary investment ideas that can help them increase their financial returns while lowering their trading volume hazards. Because of its readily available customer service and simple interface, even total newbies can navigate crypto trading on the TopBTC website.

Portfolios for Consultation

TopBTC crypto exchange boasts some of the best-selling prices in the world for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It provides traders with the best exchange rates following international standards. It is a formidable competitor among the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges due to its high liquidity from international trading pools and currency pooled from all over the world. The top 20 portfolios on the TopBTC dashboard are continually updated and displayed to users to help them gauge market trends and increase their profits.

Daily Tracking

It also offers a tool that allows customers to track their trading volume and investment portfolio daily, allowing them to make snap decisions to buy cryptocurrencies as needed.

SMSF Set-Up and Tax

TopBTC makes it incredibly simple to open an SMSF account. They also compute taxation so that a client’s SMSF is always following AUSTRAC requirements.

Update Existing SMSF

TopBTC offers SMSF account updates so that users can trade in cryptocurrencies as well. TopBTC provides SMSFs with specialized account managers.

Free Consultation for Financial Advisors

TopBTC offers free 30-minute consultations put in place by financial experts to explain crypto exchanges and answer any of their clients’ questions.

Partnerships with Financial Advisors

TopBTC has dedicated teams collaborating with wealth managers and financial planners to create cryptocurrency trading solutions for clients. These teams help to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency trading and traditional finance.

Learn about Crypto

Financial advisors can use TopBTC’s financial advisory services to learn, understand, and become acquainted with the significance and benefits of digital trading assets to persuade their clients to trade with TopBTC.

OTC Desk

TopBTC’s OTC trading desks provide real-time best international exchange rates for various digital currencies to institutions trading in cryptocurrency. It makes certain that its clients can reach out to their customer support personnel at any moment. For more information, users can contact support by phone, email, or live chat.

Deep International Liquidity

TopBTC cryptocurrency exchange offers direct access to large amounts of liquidity from global pools. Local cryptocurrency exchanges cannot provide this level of liquidity for large institutional transactions.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

TopBTC offers exposure to five distinct “core” markets. Trading pairs are listed against Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, TopB, and QQC. Aside from BTC and ETH, its popular trading pairs include Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and TianyaToken. Most aficionados will be unfamiliar with the latest currency, even though it is the native token of the Chinese Tianya social network. This demonstrates that TopBTC is focused on the Chinese market for now.

In terms of the TOPB token, the exchange is effectively conducting a buyback operation. Every now and then, the business will repurchase tokens from the crypto market and burn them to remove them from circulation permanently. The most recent repurchase resulted in the purchase and destruction of 706,648.88 TOPB tokens, leaving 189,782,664.72 tokens in circulation. The exchange buys back these tokens with half of the trading fees made by the platform.

The broker facilitates the conversion of money to digital currency. It also matches various crypto coins. However, among the most renowned coins that are still traded on the platform are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • TianyaToken
  • TopB 

TopBTC Security

TopBTC’s concern for customer safety and privacy is one of the primary reasons for its exceptional success and tremendous popularity. It has strong security technology in place to secure its clients’ personal information and their crypto assets from digital predators.

TopBTC’s concern for customer safety and privacy is one of the primary reasons for its exceptional success and tremendous popularity. It has strong security technology in place to secure its clients’ personal information and their crypto assets from digital predators.

  • A two-factor authentication process is implemented for all withdrawals.
  • A hot and cold wallet system to protect investments against hackers.
  • All traffic to the TopBTC website is encrypted using SSL.
  • For enhanced security, the codebase and database are kept separate from application credential checks.
  • To avoid data leakage, TopBTC databases store passwords in a hashtag and salted form.
  • It performs regular security audits and training.
  • All of its workers are subjected to thorough background checks.
  • It manages an internal access privilege ladder to ensure that only appropriate individuals access a client’s data.
  • It only employs closed servers and networks with the maximum levels of security.

TOPBTC Customer Support

TopBTC provides customer support through a customized ticket system. To file a ticket, provide your name, email address, a brief description, and one of the specified categories in a drop-down option. There is also a FAQ section that answers the most common questions. You can also send an email to

Community Feedback

Perhaps the most serious issue for TopBTC is how the community views this exchange. Many users are concerned about the platform, owing to its amateurish appearance and sluggish customer service. It also appears that the quality of coins displayed and voted on leaves a lot to be desired. However, this does not necessarily indicate malicious intent. Before you put your trust in trade, always do your homework.

TopBTC Upsides

Trading fees are standard – the trading fees at TopBTC are what you would expect. This exchange follows the major competitors, charging a 0.20 percent fee for both market “makers” and “takers.”

Nice charting – TopBTC’s trading platform is mediocre. The positioning of the various elements appears to be slightly incorrect, necessitating a lot of scrolling to get to the transaction history section. On the other hand, the charts are quite clear and may be extended in a separate window.

P2P trading is now available – in addition to the centralized trading platform, TopBTC now offers a peer-to-peer exchange. While we could not access it, it appears to be a useful addition for people unwilling to entrust their money to a corporation.

TopBTC Downsides

Not much is known about the history of the company — the only information provided on the people running TopBTC is provided by the Australian company, DABTC PTY LTD. They are not a member of the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA), an organization committed to revolutionizing blockchain technology – unlike the more legitimate crypto-players in Australia.

A lot of negative feedback – while user reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt because people who have a great experience do not frequent the forums. The only information we uncovered regarding TopBTC came from complaints, one of which was that the exchange does not allow withdrawals.

TopBTC’s website has a terrible presentation and does not feel intuitive – While there is a lot of information available, it took us a while to figure out what they were selling. We are still unsure regarding the withdrawal and deposit fees (or if they even exist).

Email verification takes a long time — when we signed up for an account to test the user experience at TopBTC, we did not get a verification code for several hours. This may be a short-term problem, but it does not leave a good impression.

There is no leverage given – it is to be expected that an altcoin venue does not let you borrow extra coins. Those seeking to play the major coins with some “gearing” might consider using a forex broker.

You may already be aware of this, but there is no harm repeating – these companies allow CFD trading. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are a type of financial derivative that tracks the price movements of another asset. This implies you will have no access to any coins and will only speculate on their pricing. This may appear hard, but it is extremely simple – this is how most people trade oil and gold.

Some of the coins traded on this exchange are even costlier than the more recognized exchanges – Trading is done in relation to Bitcoin. QQCoin and Ethereum (QQC). You are not alone if you have not heard of the latter. Your first impression may be to think it’s a brand-new project, but it’s an ancient currency that has all but vanished from the scene. TopBTC’s most popular coins are BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, EOS, OMG, and SNT.


  • Accepts a variety of account funding options
  • Low transaction fees


  • Predominance of unpopular digital currencies
  • Suspicious broker ownership


TopBTC is purportedly a crypto exchange based in Australia. They are not a part of ADCA, the local organization of space companies. Its trading program appears to be adequate, but their support for very unconventional and, for lack of a better word, “dead” coins is concerning.

However, the numerous reports that this exchange is a hoax are the most concerning element. As you may be aware, the cryptoverse is still in its infancy, with few countries enacting legislation. As a result, dealing with most exchanges is a dangerous undertaking. On the other hand, several of the forex brokers mentioned briefly above are monitored by some of the most stringent agencies.


Is it safe to use platforms like TopBTC?

TopBTC is completely legal and legitimate. It has been in operation for more than eight years, since 2013, and is supervised and regulated by the Australian financial regulatory body, AUSTRAC.

Is TopBTC a cryptocurrency exchange?

TopBTC is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange where traders can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies and build impressive financial portfolios. It is listed as a cryptocurrency exchange by AUSTRAC.

Is it safe to use TopBTC?

TopBTC goes to considerable lengths to ensure the safety of its consumers. To prevent any privacy or data breaches, they employ various levels of encryption and security training. Users should also be cautious about sharing their passwords or sending any account or bank transfer information to untrustworthy sources.

Does TopBTC require ID verification?

Users must have their ID validated before they may open an account. They must first provide their email address and personal information. Then the photo and ID verification process starts. The account will be verified within one to two days based on the information provided.

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