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Trade Horizon review: Gives In-Depth Knowledge Of Trading Market & Services To Help You Make An Easier Decision

When faced with the daunting task of selecting a new broker, it can be difficult to know what qualities are most important. Hence, I have decided to provide an in-depth Trade Horizon’s review on its services and features so that you may make your decision easier!

We all are aware of how risky the Forex industry is. In Trade Horizon, you will find a few of the most important features that can give you peace of mind and help you have an easier trading experience.


In this Trade Horizon review, there are various key features that you should know about:

This feature allows Trade Horizon clients to earn on two different types of signals: price action and technical ones. While performing trading analysis, Trade Horizon experts choose between hundreds of popular technical indicators and use only those which they consider being beneficial for their clients. As a result, Trade Horizon clients gain access to weekly updates with accurate buy/sell signals as well as daily monitoring which contain all the essential information on market movements.


The company’s goal is to provide traders with tools that not only give them access to Trade Horizon’s best strategies but also enable them to improve their knowledge of the industry. Trade Horizon provides its clients with clear explanations of why they are receiving certain signals, thus allowing them to directly apply them to their trading. Trade Horizon is known for always striving at excellence and constantly updating Trade Horizon’s services so that clients can receive maximum returns on their investments! This feature allows Trade Horizon clients to use Live Trading signals which are sent during live trading sessions. Trade Horizon experts guide you directly on your account using technical analysis, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced charting tools.

Know a little more about this platform in this Trade Horizon review:

Trade Horizon is a fresh new prospect in the online trading world. It started operating just recently, deeming it an exciting opportunity for serious traders and investors who want better services than what they can get from their current brokerages. Trade horizon operates out of London at 2 Frederick Street Kings Cross-located offices which have been seen as one way that separates them from other brokers; this Trade Horizon review will provide you with more information about whether or not The Offer suits your needs!


Now let’s dive into the exciting part of this Trade Horizon Review and that is all the tidbits of the services Trade Horizon has to offer! Trade horizon has many services that are beneficial to the trader, so let us take a quick look at the Trade Horizon review.

Offers a variety of asset types to trade, such as indices and commodities.They don’t have a mobile trading app.
Great trading platforms with useful features for beginners and advanced traders alike.Would love to see more in-depth educational material offered.
Trade Horizons commissions are 0 pips accountsTrade Horizon does not offer many research tools for traders

Let’s First touch on the topic of safety and security provided by this platform in this Trade Horizon review.

Safety and security: This are the most important thing that one should really take time in investing in a reliable platform in which your money is safe and secure. In my opinion Trade Horizon’s registration process is a safe and secure way to start investing in Forex. The company uses encryption for your data, meaning that it can never be accessed by anyone else besides me- even if they have access through us!

  1. Trade horizon offers many services
  2. I had to verify identity during registration
  3. This ensures there isn’t any third-party involvement 
  4. The system also requires both moral Cloud storage
  5. The Trade Horizon registration process is a safe and secure way to start investing in Forex. Trade horizon uses encryption for your data, meaning that it can never be accessed by anyone else besides me- even if they have access through us!

Trade Horizon’s anti-money laundering and terrorism financing policies are designed to keep their clients’ funds safe. They also ensure that the broker never has access to more than what is needed for trade execution, ensuring a higher level of security from both an outsider perspective as well as one within Trade Horizon itself.


Payment methods: In this Trade Horizon review, we all know that Trade Horizon has a variety of available payment methods, including the most preferable one for modern traders which is a credit card. Trade horizon acts as a broker with its mission of creating maximum convenience for clients by providing multiple payment options. Trade horizon’s credit card deposit system successfully combines safety and convenience into an uncomplicated process: Trade horizon accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Bank Transfer. However, I wish they soon introduced PayPal as well.

Customer support: Trade Horizon offers fast and efficient customer support through Trade Horizon 24/7 service desk. Trade horizon has an extensive FAQ which is frequently updated with the most Frequently asked questions of Trade Horizon clients. Trade horizon keeps up with their client’s needs by having a highly professional team that keeps them in mind at all times- this ensures that the client will never have to wait for an answer long time after asking for one! Trade Horizons staff is very knowledgeable about the industry so they can assist you in any kind of trouble or question you may have!

Trading Assets: One of the best features of Trade horizon is its wide range of markets. With 80 FX pairs, CFDs on stocks and shares as well as popular commodities like oil or gas; they’ve got something for everyone! They also offer trading in indices such as Europe’s highly volatile DAX index alongside cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin that are becoming increasingly more commonplace day by day. Trade Horizon also offers traders Binary Trading, Trade horizon is 100% committed to providing their clients with the most innovative industry trading products on the market. Trade Horizon’s trading platform has all the assets needed for an enjoyable trading experience while providing a clean and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to switch between different instruments.


I am happy to mention in this Trade Horizon review that it offers a variety of services for traders looking to take their investment expertise further. They offer Forex trade 24 hours per day, 5 days each week; Crypto trading including Bitcoin and others like Ethereum which has seen incredible growth this year! With competitive spreads on all assets plus up to 500:1 leverage you’ll be sure not only to make money but also learn about new strategies as well with Trade Horizon’s award-winning platforms and apps.

Trade using our easy platform that links together most popular exchanges in one place so it’s easier than ever before deciding who or what stocks should go into your portfolio – whether its indices, commodities.

As a Trading platform: Let’s talk about the trading platform itself in this Trade Horizon review. Trade Horizon offers two different platforms depending on traders’ previous experience. For newcomers to the world of trading, Trade Station (FDTS) is built with a simpler and easier-to-use interface in mind; while MT5 was designed by industry leaders as an advanced platform for more experienced traders looking at offering their clients all sorts of tools they could need without getting into complexity overloads or wasting time scrolling through menus when what you want right away isn’t available just yet!

However, I did notice that the platform lacks in a variety of dialects and also, I think they should add a sliding bar with assets and their current prices for easier viewing. Besides that, I found everything very decent. I think it’s great that trade Horizon with the latest and most advanced technologies gives you complete market access, 24/5.

Funding and Pricing: I think it’s important to cover this aspect as well in this Trade Horizon review. Trade Horizon is a broker that will accept any card or e-wallet, so it has the best possible coverage of trader preferences. It also provides bank wires for those who want to transfer money and prefer this method over others like credit cards which may have higher fees associated with them (though not always).

The pricing at the Trade horizon couldn’t be simpler: 0 pips accounts mean transparent trading where your earnings are maximized! As we all know, prices directly impact how much you earn when investing in stocks—and if their rates seem too good then there must be catch somewhere else below-board…but as far as I can tell everything looks legitimate on their website.

Conclusion: Trade Horizon is a top broker that offers a variety of investment opportunities, as well as the tools to help you grow your portfolio. Trade Station (FDTS) is their flagship platform built for newcomers with an easy-to-use interface and MT5 will satisfy even the most advanced traders out there! Trade using their award-winning platforms plus enjoy market access 24/5. Trade Horizon offers great customer support via live chat or email, but I hope they take it further than that in future versions of this Trade Horizon review or at least take into consideration what I’ve mentioned above about ways to improve…

Disclaimer: This review is written from the writers experience and their self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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