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US Congressman Emmer Says Bitcoin Is Not Going Away It’s Gonna Get Stronger

The US Congressman and representative Tom Emmer recently appeared in a podcast with the Co-Founder of Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano and shed a light on the future of blockchain technology and Bitcoin. During the interview, he said that the world’s leading digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) will have a shining future. He believes that as soon as the global pandemic crisis comes to an end, Bitcoin will turn to be a stronger cryptocurrency in the financial world.

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Bitcoin is not going away

Speaking in the podcast, Tom Emmer has revealed his confidence in Bitcoin. Currently, the world is struggling to come out of the financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The US representative said that once the world comes out of the crisis, Bitcoin will be there shining bright.

He firmly said that Bitcoin is not going to go away rather he believes that the leading cryptocurrency is going to get stronger after the financial crisis. Emmer, furthermore, claimed that the top-ranked digital currency will prove to be an important asset and is set to advance more in the future with the passage of time.

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Tom Emmer stated:

“As we come out of the crisis, Bitcoin ain’t going away. It’s gonna get stronger. You just watch, it has value, when something has value, people are going to take risks and it’s going to advance.”

The Future of Bitcoin becomes more promising now

The previous week, the United States regulatory authorities had authorized the U.S. banks allowing them to begin providing custodial services to digital currencies in the country. After this declaration, the future of the major cryptocurrency has become more promising now.

Tom Emmer’s comments in the podcast show that he is against centralized control. He said that during the global pandemic, governments lost control over fiat money and then they started controlling people instead. In order to explain his point of view, Emmer gave this example:

“The government has your currency all on a card. And guess what? If you lived in Wuhan, they shut you down, man. You couldn’t get a ride out of Wuhan to another city. You couldn’t go get some groceries unless the government released you to go get the groceries.”

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Tom Emmer seems to be an advocator of Bitcoin. Recently, he said that Bitcoin is not the real issue rather governments centralized control is the main problem.


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