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What Is Swan Bitcoin? – A Complete Guide For Beginners

These days, customers usually buy crypto assets through different crypto exchanges. Professional traders in a market search for a reliable exchange platform to buy crypto, while beginners may choose any platform they come across. The majority of these exchanges function similarly to the centralized platforms that look after the assets of their customers.

Therefore, the clients also receive a considerable reward for the research they carry out initially. Moreover, the assets can be secured using passwords and the two-factor authentication method if the customers choose. These exchanges also provide customers with adequate customer support, feasibility, and wallet support. These are the features that are mainly considered by customers while buying cryptocurrencies.

However, while dealing with customers willing to buy Bitcoin, crypto exchanges might have some issues. These platforms offer multiple different options to traders; therefore, they might face problems focusing on Bitcoin buyers only. Moreover, the absence of professionals who could adequately guide customers about adding Bitcoin to their trading profiles is also an issue.

It requires a proper analysis of Bitcoin’s position in the market, the factors affecting its trade, and the adequate analysis of the trader’s portfolio. Therefore, there was a dire need for a platform that would be only dedicated to Bitcoin and help and guide all the customers willing to buy it. Thus, the concept of Swan Bitcoin rose.


This platform guides all kinds of customers, from beginners to professionals, by simplifying Bitcoin trading and allowing customers to make purchases repeatedly. This guide article will comprehend the readers understand the usefulness of this platform and also how it works. 

What is Swan Bitcoin?

To earn incentives through saving crypto instead of spending it, Swan Bitcoin introduced the dollar-cost averaging method to help traders save their earnings in Bitcoin. It allows traders to buy Bitcoin once or again to get a fee in return. Moreover, no spreads are taken on any purchase. The difference between the price offered by the customer and the selling price of an asset is known as the spread.

However, users must integrate their bank accounts with the custodian institution Prime Trust to earn through Swan Bitcoin and buy Bitcoins. Moreover, the users can also get their bank accounts swapped with the Swan accounts to automate fund withdrawals and set up a withdrawal schedule by assigning a Bitcoin code. Any amount and period can be set by the user according to his ease.

Buying Bitcoin Using Dollar-Cost Average

To bring the average cost of each share down and spread the purchases made, traders use the dollar cost averaging technique to invest a fixed amount of dollars for regular intervals determined beforehand. This assists in lowering the cost of trading and also helps the traders in developing a habit of investing in a disciplined.

However, traders should consider certain factors before applying the dollar cost-averaging strategy in their trades. It is essential to note which kind of crypto asset he is willing to buy and how often he can invest in the business. Moreover, the amount the trader can invest is also an important consideration, as well as the ways in which he can invest in the market. 

To understand the concept of dollar cost averaging, consider the following example. If a trader invests about 200 dollars monthly in a bull market, the trader might not be able to buy many crypto assets with such an investment. However, when prices decline during a bear market, he might be able to buy more assets using the exact value of the investment.

This would help cut down the average value of each coin by using the following strategy compared with the situation when the assets were more expensive, and the traders would have bought the entire crypto in one go. Therefore, one must wait for an appropriate opportunity during the low prices in the market to purchase crypto assets.

However, it is impossible for anyone in the market to schedule it. Therefore, the investors should invest in different intervals, such as days, months or years etc., to earn profits through their savings.

Working of The Swan Bitcoin

Customers are allowed to withdraw Bitcoins automatically by using Swan Bitcoin. It can be done by setting up the institutional grade custodian of the platform or by providing the self-custody address in the forum. This provides users with easier access to Bitcoin.

In addition to serving regular customers through their platform, Swan Bitcoin offers Swan Private for higher businesses and expert clients. It provides the opportunity to seek expert advice, purchase massive amounts, keep them in custody or add Bitcoin to a balance sheet in the company. This helps in the creation of generational wealth for enormous enterprises and businesses.

The platform consists of multiple qualified experts and professionals with enough experience to guide the customers briefly regarding Bitcoin trading and also help them build a personal plan to save Bitcoins. The customers also get a chance to seek detailed advice from an experienced, knowledgeable entity instead of a random customer support service that only answers the general questions asked over email.

Moreover, Bitcoin can also be integrated into the portfolio of the customers by using Swan Bitcoin, which can later be rebalanced and reported. Users can get a thorough overview of their accounts using reporting. Moreover, the asset components are realigned in the investment profiles using the rebalancing technique. This assists in the reduction of risk factors during the trade. In addition, assets are also sold and purchased to reach the specific target allocated by the asset.

In parallel to the multi-signature software, an open-source product suite is also provided by Swan Bitcoin to provide the users with the custody and utilization of Bitcoin. These Bitcoins can also be gifted to family members, friends, or office colleagues by the owner.

Essential Features of Swan Bitcoin

There are distinct features offered by Swan Bitcoin to the customers mentioned below.

  • Automated Recurring Purchases

The most crucial feature of Swan Bitcoin is the automated recurring purchases that can be made through it. It depends on whether the user that he chooses a daily, weekly, or yearly plan to earn through the platform.

  • Referral Program

The platform also allows users to earn a certain amount of Bitcoin by referring other users to the Swan Bitcoin platform. All the users worldwide can join the Swan Force Referral Affiliate Program, and they will be offered about 0.25% discount on the platform.

  • Auto-Withdrawals

Using the Swan Bitcoin platform, users can set up their transfer and withdrawal schedules accordingly. Users can send them to their crypto wallets or their preferred Bitcoin wallets according to their ease.

How to Open an Account With Swan Bitcoin?

The residents of the United States need to fulfil certain prerequisite conditions before opening a valid account. The account needs to be verified before functioning completely. The verification process is simple; however, it may take from 30 seconds to 5 days, depending on the complexity of the issue. The customers need to provide the correct credentials and documents to the platform to make it operational as soon as possible.

However, if any user creates a duplicated Swan account by mistake, it can be closed by following simple steps. After choosing the account that has to be deleted, firstly, the users need to pause all the transfers of Bitcoin into that account. Then convert the US dollars present in that account into Bitcoin by choosing the option “Convert Now”.

Then withdraw all the Bitcoin into the other operational account. The last step is to ask the customer support service of Swan Bitcoin to close the account completely by sending them an email.

It is a more straightforward process to withdraw funds from the Swan account. After completing the buying process, the Bitcoin can be directly sent to the Bitcoin wallet of the user or can be kept safer with the Prime Trust. The company uses cold storage wallets for never transferred or withdrawn coins. To move the cash from Swan into the wallet, the users may use Ledger or Trezor, etc.

How to Use Swan Bitcoin To Save Bitcoins?

Swan Bitcoin enables traders to save using their cryptocurrency instead of trading it by providing a certain distance to altcoins. The United States jurisdiction considers Bitcoin among the very few digital assets that are not only a secured asset but a property owned. This is because Bitcoins have no centralized marketing organization and cannot be used to earn capital.

In 2017, Bitcoin emerged as a proper decentralized digital asset when the alteration of the block size of the blockchain was to be done by forming the collaboration of multiple Bitcoin developers, large exchange platforms, the creators making mining equipment, and different Bitcoin mining enterprises. But this plan was interrupted by a node network distributed worldwide.

Therefore, in the existing world, Bitcoin proved itself as a rigid and considerably decentralized digital asset. Users can set up their repeated plans with Swan Bitcoin depending on their daily, monthly or yearly ease. These kinds of plans are termed saving plans by most of the regulatory authorities.

After buying Bitcoin, it depends on the traders; they transfer Bitcoin in their wallet using an automated plan for withdrawal or withdraw them from the account manually. Moreover, it also allows to stop or cancellation of the projects initiated with the Swan platform at any time during the trade.

Moreover, unlike most crypto investment plans, Swan also considers the Bear markets. As no one can deny the occurrence of a bear market in the crypto space, traders usually buy Bitcoin hoping its price will continuously hike and help them earn profit every time, which is practically impossible. Therefore, when the currency declines, bear markets act as a shock absorbent allowing the traders to compensate for their potential loss.

How Can Expenses be Reduced Using Swan Bitcoin

Customers can get a smooth and convenient opportunity to buy Bitcoins as Swan Bitcoin acts as a saving account, thus automating the process of purchasing Bitcoin. Users can also make Bitcoin purchases repeatedly to get a competitive signup fee. Swan Bitcoin is making efforts to decrease the cost of Bitcoins in the market and to assist customers in buying Bitcoins in a frictionless manner.

Moreover, by providing incentives over the saved Bitcoins, Swan Bitcoin allows traders to earn using the dollar cost averaging method instead of spending them. Swan Bitcoin offers different options to its traders than the regular crypto exchanges dealing with varying crypto assets.

This makes the trading procedure a lot more complicated for them and thus increases their cost in the market. On the other hand, all these issues are resolved by Swan Bitcoin as it exclusively deals with Bitcoin only.

Moreover, Swan Bitcoin does not require verifying the altcoins by running nodes like other exchange platforms, as it is only Bitcoin-specific. This helps reduce expenses from human resources, the bandwidth of the network, and steep hardware, thus making it easier for the customers to use.

Moreover, when the user makes a continuous network of Bitcoin purchases, they can save the expenses required for fees by using the long-term saving plans offered by the platform. The exchange platforms that deal with multiple crypto coins also require operating a complex compliance department.

The security situation becomes complicated if multiple coins are managed by a single platform. This worsens the problem that any of the traders cannot handle. Moreover, when a trader buys coins using any crypto exchange, it only adds to the subsidy of that particular exchange platform.

Payment Methods in Swan Bitcoin

Swan Bitcoin allows users in the United States to purchase Bitcoin using ACH transfers. However, users inhabited in other countries can buy Bitcoin using wire transfers. They need to integrate the bank checking account with the Swan account and ask the bank to permit ASH transfers frequently. Moreover, the user will also need to ask the Prime Trust to allow him to make an ACH transfer through it.

Residents outside the United States need to use Swan Bitcoin International for registration. It is essential to know that wire transfer is the only payment method allowed for overseas residents. Moreover, the funds that must be transferred should be in US dollars.

The platform allows the residents of several countries to buy Bitcoin. These countries may include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Hong Kong, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, and others.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Swan Bitcoin

Swan Bitcoin offers multiple features and services to its customers that allow them to earn profit by saving Bitcoin in their accounts.

As soon as the platform membership is activated, the automated dollar cost-averaging plan can be utilized by the user. Moreover, it also eliminates the involvement of human emotions during the bear market and compels them to sell their holdings immediately. In addition, the platform offers a competitive fee structure to its customers.

On the other hand, inevitable drawbacks are integrated with the Swan Bitcoin. The major one is that it only offers a single payment method to international traders: ACH transfers. Moreover, the facilities provided by the platform are only restricted to certain territories of the United States.

Can Swan Bitcoin be Considered Safe?

The Prime Trust, integrated with the Swan Bitcoin platform, holds crypto assets worth millions of dollars. On the other hand, when a trader buys Bitcoin using any exchange platform, he does not have much hold over the assets, and the coins are in direct control of the platform only.

However, using Prime Trust, the user is the sole owner of his currency as Swan Bitcoin stores the coins integrating it with the user’s name. Moreover, it uses cold storage wallets to store crypto coins. Swan Bitcoin also provides a passcode to its customers to secure their accounts in a better way. These codes are sent to the user via email instead of the common passwords and usernames provided by other exchanges.

The users have legal control over their funds stored with Swan Bitcoin through Prime Trust, even in winding-up conditions. Moreover, according to the regulatory instructions of the platform, it does not ask for the user’s credentials. The encryption of the data is carried out by using AES-256 military grade. In addition, it uses TLSv 1.2 encryption to filter the industry traffic data. Without the consent of the users, no transaction of Bitcoin or any other fiat currency can be carried out.


Swan Bitcoin is a trading application used for Bitcoin purchases that help automate purchasing Bitcoins. Traders can conveniently use this application to buy Bitcoin and to keep their crypto holdings safe. It makes investments in Bitcoin easier for users who want to initiate crypto trading and enter the crypto space.

Moreover, the platform contains multiple experts and professionals that guide the customers about the proper usage and investment of Bitcoin and help them earn maximum profit. It is constantly striving to provide a better and more effective environment and conditions to the users to make trading a smoother and effortless process for them.

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