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What’s Cardano? Evaluating Third-Generation Blockchain

Cardano, launched in 2017, is a blockchain platform that processes transactions with its cryptocurrency, ADA. The platform supports all types of transactions and aspires to be the “Internet of Blockchains” by establishing an ecosystem that allows for seamless conformity among various blockchains.

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum, founded Cardano ADA. He created the platform to be a more interoperable, scalable, and long-term blockchain, intending to improve both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Cardano ADA is currently being developed with the help of the Cardano Foundation and the IOHK research institute. Cardano ADA, one of the fastest-growing crypto assets, employs a PoS consensus mechanism. As a result, developers can use the platform to build decentralized apps and smart contracts.

In response to Alex Hammer, a leading expert in generative AI, Hoskinson defined Cardano as an open platform for those who lack economic identity.


Cardano’s roadmap

Take a look at the Cardano roadmap in the points below:

  • Cardano ADA initially started in 2015 as a research project focusing on ways to improve cryptocurrencies.
  • Cardano ADA was released in 2017 with the Bryon phase and only supported ADA transactions.
  • The next phase is Shelley, launched in July 2020 to enhance the network’s decentralization and allow owners to stake ADA. 
  • In the next stage, Goguen adds support for smart contracts through native coin issuance and Alonzo hard fork.
  • The final stages include Basho and Voltaire. While the former focuses on scaling, the latter is about on-chain governance.

How does Cardano work?

Cardano uses Ouroboros, a PoS protocol, to authenticate blockchain transactions. Owners of a blockchain coin can set up a network node and act as validators in PoS. They must stake their crypto coins to do so.

The Ouroboros protocol selects a validator node randomly for each block of transactions that must be verified. The more ADA coins owners stake, the more likely they will be chosen.

When a validator node confirms a block of transactions and adds it to the blockchain, it receives the block reward, which is paid in ADA coins and provides incentives to coin owners.

Before Cardano incorporates any technology, the technology is thoroughly researched, and the research is then peer-reviewed.

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Uses of Cardano

Cardano enables a wide variety of functions on its network. Consider a few examples of the more significant ones:

Decentralized finance

With Cardano, people can bypass intermediaries such as financial institutions and banks and transact directly with other individuals and entities, permissionless.


Cardano ADA can be sent, received, and transferred with a cryptocurrency wallet in exchange for goods and services.

Digital apps

As part of decentralized finance, Cardano enables trading, insurance, lending, asset management, and various other financial services.

As a result, Cardano can be considered a coin that supports various financial solutions rather than just a currency.

What makes Cardano ADA unique?

Cardano ADA differs from other cryptocurrencies because it emphasizes peer-reviewed research over evidence-inspired development methods. Unlike the typical crypto market, which moves quickly, Cardano ADA moves slowly and methodically. This assists developers in identifying potential threats.

Because Cardano uses a proof-of-stake protocol to authenticate transactions for longer than others, the network has earned a reputation as a “green” cryptocurrency, whereas proof-of-work cryptocurrencies are not.

Unfortunately, only some things about this strategy are fruitful. For example, taking more time in the development process may cause it to fall behind others. Furthermore, critics believe that the peer-review system has its issues.

Major partnerships

Throughout the years, the blockchain chain has been involved in numerous intriguing partnerships. Many of them are listed below:

  • The Ethiopian government has collaborated with Cardano to give the country’s school students blockchain-based IDs. This move will help to record and track their academic performance on the blockchain of Cardano.
  • Veritre, a global reforestation firm,  uses the Cardano blockchain to store the record of every tree it plants.
  • DISH Network has integrated the Cardano blockchain to offer customers digital identity services.
  • Cardano is also working with Rival, an esports company, to help it both mint and distribute NFTs.

Cardano Advantages

Here are some of the significant benefits of Cardano.

Smart contracts are easily accessible

Smart contracts are financial agreements that are recorded and operational on a blockchain. Typically, technical competence is required to establish smart contracts, but Cardano’s Marlowe language allows business and financial specialists to do so even if they lack technical knowledge.

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Earning via staking

Cardano is a new-generation crypto project based on the PoS idea. Typically, PoS cryptocurrencies encourage owners to stake their holdings and assist in verifying transactions on the blockchain. As a consequence, owners may only earn cryptocurrency if they purchase more.

Cardano’s disadvantages

Like everything else, Cardano too has a few disadvantages, such as:

New features

The developers use a systematic approach when deploying features on the Cardano network. Nevertheless, certain significant aspects that will increase its potential are in the early phases.

Less transparent development process 

The Cardano Foundation and IOHK make decisions off-chain, making Cardano governance less transparent.

How to Buy Cardano

Cardano ADA cannot be bought; instead, ADA is purchased. To purchase ADA, you must first open an account with a reputable crypto exchange. After the purchase, the ADA may be saved on the site or transferred to a crypto wallet.


The Cardano Foundation enjoys the backing of the development community, led by Hoskinson, and several investors worldwide. Cardano may reach new heights as a result of constant progress in both the Cardano community and the crypto asset market.

Nevertheless, since crypto assets are very volatile, it is strongly advised to do a thorough study before making any investing decisions.

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