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World’s Largest Music Store has Announced to Accept Bitcoin as the Payment Option

Beatport is a dynamic and world’s largest music store that will now be accepting cryptocurrency as the source of payment from its customers and clientele worldwide. It is also the biggest establishment out there regarding DJs and such, and now from April 20, it will be accepting cryptocurrency as the mode of payment. Robb McDaniels, who is also the CEO of Beatport, has shed some light that the music company wants to bring out this initiative where they become the pioneers in the music industry to have accepted Bitcoin and other sources of cryptocurrency as the payment method for their products and services. 

Finally, it is following other services and product-based sectors out there that are accepting and integrating cryptocurrency as the source of accepting payments from their customers. It is not a quirk anymore as it has become the need of the hour because it is pretty much evident by this time that cryptocurrency is the future, and the finance market needs to get digital right away.  

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Beatport is Taking the Music to the Next Level with Blockchain

Apart from accepting and integrating cryptocurrency as their payment option Beatport has gone one step further and is now going to release their first NFT based collection, soon to be available for purchase. NFTs and cryptocurrency are the products of blockchain systems that power such vast and diverse decentralized networks. NFT or non-fungible token is the digital data that exists out there on the blockchain networks or nodes, which are the computing systems and hardware shaping the world of cryptocurrency and such in its entirety. It is supposed to be the next big thing for the artists as they can sell their work such as art, music, graphics, and the most secure data format and transaction powered by blockchain systems. 

The collection that is being brought further by the Beatport is titled music for the dance floors and will feature a variety of hit tones from various famous artists. Not only this, but the NFT trend has picked on so vigorously that artists out there are now using Blockchain as the ultimate source for their next releases and such.

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