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Would Halving the Price of Bitcoin Be the Key to Future Price Increases?

The highly awaited fourth Bitcoin halving event occurred on April 20, 2024, at 05:09:27 UTC. Following the initial events, the price remained steady, staying close to the $64,000 range. This event, referred to as the halving, carries important implications for the cryptocurrency’s supply dynamics and possible price fluctuations.

Every 210,000 blocks that have been mined will trigger half of the Bitcoin supply, which happens at a predetermined interval of about four years. This specific design aspect was crucial to the birth of Bitcoin in January 2009. During the halving event, the incentive that miners earn for processing transactions is reduced, and the rate at which new Bitcoin is minted every ten minutes is cut in half.

The Significance of This Halving

Following the halving event, the reward for successfully mining a new block of transactions was decreased to 3.125 Bitcoin from its previous amount of 6.25 Bitcoin. The block reward, also known as the subsidy, represents the freshly generated Bitcoin that miners receive as a token of appreciation for verifying transactions. In addition, miners also receive transaction fees linked to the transactions included in the block.

ViaBTC successfully mined the 840,000th block, which signified the occurrence of this halving event. The miner was rewarded with over 40 Bitcoins, which is worth more than $2.6 million, in block subsidies and fees. Surprisingly, this sum was significantly more significant than the roughly 7 Bitcoin, valued at just over $450,000, acquired in fees from the blocks preceding the halving.


The cause for this sudden increase in fees is still uncertain, but it may be due to users who are willing to pay more in order to speed up their transactions and ensure they are included in the next block. In the first 60 blocks after the 4th Bitcoin halving, miners collected a total of 860.2 BTC from transaction fees alone. This amount, surpassing $54 million, has already surpassed the previous record for transaction fees in a single day, which was $24 million.

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Exploring the Background and Potential Consequences

In the past, Bitcoin halvings have frequently come before notable price increases, leading to the cryptocurrency reaching unprecedented levels in the months that followed. Nevertheless, this reduction has demonstrated a departure from the established pattern, as Bitcoin had already reached an unparalleled peak before the occurrence.

The recent surge in Bitcoin’s price has been widely credited to the launch of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The demand created by the ETF market could have a greater impact on Bitcoin prices than the halving events.

In addition to its immediate market implications, this halving carries symbolic importance. Bitcoin highlights its apolitical and unwavering monetary policy, offering an alternative to traditional currencies that are often seen as susceptible to inflation, interest rates, and economic uncertainties.

Insights from Analysts

Although the halving event was expected to have a positive impact on Bitcoin’s price, confident analysts contend that the market had already factored in these effects. As a result, experts anticipate a modest increase in the cost of Bitcoin after the halving event. Nevertheless, there are indications of a potential upswing in the latter half of this year.

Meanwhile, the well-known crypto analyst Ali Martinez highlighted the fact that Bitcoin has consistently surpassed all major asset classes in the timeframes following previous halvings. After the recent halving event in 2024, Martinez proposes that now might be a favorable moment to shift our attention toward Bitcoin’s potential path.

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Currently, the Bitcoin mining sector is expected to experience the most immediate effects of the halving. Due to the decrease in block rewards, miners might face a drop in their profits, which could result in consolidation and a reduction in the overall hash rate.

Nevertheless, in spite of these obstacles, miners may discover alternative pathways for generating income. Recent advancements, like Ordinals and layer-two networks, have the potential to boost overall transaction fees, making up for the decrease in block rewards.

Concluding Remarks

The recent Bitcoin halving has once again drawn attention to the cryptocurrency’s distinctive supply dynamics and how they could affect price fluctuations. Although historical patterns indicate a positive direction after the halving event, the present market conditions, influenced by factors such as the demand for ETFs, bring new elements into consideration.

With its ever-changing nature, Bitcoin presents a strong and stable option for those seeking an alternative to conventional currencies, especially during times of economic instability worldwide. It is yet to be determined if the halving will trigger upcoming price increases or simply reinforce Bitcoin’s long-lasting worth.

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