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XRPL labs aim to add Pro features to XUMM app: Almost 40% of users are willing to buy it

The team of XRPL Labs is thinking about adding some pro features to the XUMM app and wants to launch “XUMM Pro”.

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Wietse Wind a XUMM developer from XRPL labs has recently tweeted in which he says that the XRPL labs team is planning on adding pro features to XUMM digital payment app before its launch. By adding pro features, it will leave behind other apps on the market in terms of more benefits. He also asked about the community’s opinion. The community response shows that almost 40% of users are ready to buy it.

The team is thinking about the future of XUMM

Wietse Wind also said in the Tweet by addressing the community that the XRPL team is thinking about the future of XUMM and they have discussed the idea of adding pro features into this app.

A closed circle of developers has tested this digital payment app that is based on the XRP ledger. Apart from the XUMM project, Wind also developed XRPTipBot and XRParrot.

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Useful features will not be moved from XUMM app

However, Wietse Wind says that the useful features of the XUMM app will not be moved from it because they do not want to push users to a subscription model. As he states in the Tweet:

Of course we will *not strip useful features* from the app to push users to a subscription model! We will not strip useful features: this is about value added services. But this is me asking you to share your thoughts / willingness to opt-in pay for (opt in, again) pro features.

40% of users voted to support the team

Later on, the XUMM developer Wietse Wind made a poll on Twitter in order to know the opinions of community members. The result showed that almost 40% of users voted to support the team and were willing to buy the paid subscription.


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