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You Can Invest In Cute Cats With NFTs

The NFT market seems to have some weird and fascinating investment ideas.

It seems like 2021 is a year for NFT or non-fungible tokens to the fans. The digital asset promises that you can trade any object that could be digitized. Moreover, the assets use blockchain technology to record NFT ownership. A non-fungible token can be a code, music, art, or video. For instance, last month, Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, earned $2.9 million after selling his tweet image as an NFT.

You probably have heard Beeple, an artist that got $69 million in returns after selling his NFT artwork back in March. Besides being the highest money paid for a non-fungible asset, it is among the highest prices paid for art.

Beeple is among the multiple artists that discovered the crypto space as a lucrative marketplace. In 2020, a piece of NFT artwork value at an average of $100, now selling at $7,500 on average.

The challenge with NFTs is that art is not a worthwhile investment. A 2009 economic study indicated that art investing disappoints the stock market hugely.

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If you want to dive into the NFT world, the best strategy is to go with the less popular options. You can invest in NFT using various ways. For instance, you can join the decentraland to access around 45,000 NFT-registered plots of land. You can build anything that strikers you, from a casino to a nightclub. Explore the NFT market to access new and captivating investment ideas.

NFT for Cute Cats

At the whimsical level, you can access NFT markets with cute cats. In that case, the cat’s cuteness determines the value of the virtual asset. However, as much as investing in virtual cats can be fascinating, remember the related risks.

As far as NFTs are concerned, you should only invest your disposal money near the assets for now. Keep in mind that non-fungible assets have lost nearly 90% since their highest record. However, if you think it is about time to make investment enjoyable again, you can go with NFTs. It is among the enthralling investment ideas emerging at the moment.

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