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Zeppelin Dao Brings Social Consciousness to the IDO Arena Vetting Equitas Initiative for Launch on July 6

Zeppelin Dao IDO’s or Initial DEX Offerings have begun to be vetted for launch recently on a new platform made for only the most promising new companies to appear in the crypto space.

A few weeks ago, Zeppelin Dao emerged with a new vision to launch a popular new Auto Yield Token and IDO Platform. IDO’s or “Initial DEX Offerings,” differing from “Initial Exchange Offerings” or “Initial Coin Offerings,” are a new sensation taking over the crowdfunding of today’s crypto launches with permissionless decentralized platforms. Because of that, IDO’s have started a new, better way of fundraising for companies in the crypto arena.

The First Launch on the New Zeppelin Dao IDO Platform Was the Lapis Defi Platform and NFT Marketplace

On the 12th of June, Lapis, a Defi platform and NFT marketplace that allows its users to bid freely on NFTs while earning a passive yield, was the first vetted launch on the Zeppelin Dao IDO platform. Zeppelin Dao developers had canceled an earlier launch before it ever got off the ground due to problems that became apparent during the vetting process. Soon after, however, a promising partnership opened up with Lapis. It was a hopping market on the day of the launch and, the Zeppelin Community Chatroom on Telegram was in raucous uproar as members observing the market rejoiced at the 25x leap in price that Lapis accomplished within 24 hours. The Lapis launch had become a resounding success for Zeppelin Dao’s first partnership.


Equitas Initiative Launching on July 6 is the Second Vetted Launch on its new IDO Platform for Zeppelin Dao

“Equitas” means Equality in Latin. The Equitas Initiative (EQT) and the Equitas community are striving to change the World, and they mean business.

As stated in the company whitepaper, “The focus of the Equitas Initiative is to provide our investors with passive income while supporting major and individual causes around the globe. All transactions and foundation donations will be publicly shared on social media platforms within the community for complete transparency and will be done in a way to minimize price impact on the overall token value.”

The whitepaper continues adding, “with the launch of Equitas, the first foundations will be selected and provided to the community. The Equitas Initiative team will also include community-selected projects to allow us to reach all areas of the World. With the Initiative in mind, the team will provide the foundation with 2% of the total tokens along with a percentage of all transactions to allow the project to fund the causes.”

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IDO Platforms are Advantageous to Developers over ICO’s and IEO’s

The crypto establishment has been hard at work finding new ways to bootstrap projects and raise funds. Due to a high level of creativity, Initial DEX offerings are quickly succeeding IEO’s and ICO’s as a first logical choice for developers to raise capital for new projects. However, unlike IEO’s and ICO’s, where new tokens are sold to the public before a new project has been listed, instead IDO’s are listed immediately and publicly on a “DEX” or decentralized exchange.

The old way of carrying out launches has always favored the founders of projects over members of the investing community. This gave them a substantial advantage and many incoming backers have deemed this way of doing things unfair and detrimental to their interests. IDO`s have become widely regarded as the fairest way yet to launch new projects. Zeppelin Dao has come on the scene only recently with a primary goal to underscore that fairness by only vetting the most highly regarded new launches of the crypto space and supporting their introductions to the world with its IDO launchpad. Zeppelin Dao developers want to make it a lot easier for backers to get in on new IDO`s and get the best information to consider about them before they launch, so they may discern the potential and quality of offerings on the platform. Most importantly, developers can release a product that goes far beyond expectations of the vast number of third-party influencers in the arena who can be quite malicious, while getting past any issues regarding hackers or human error. Additionally, for token buyers and holders, coins are secure instantly in their wallets that can only be unlocked with the investor’s private key or access to the secure exchanges where Zeppelin Dao tokens are currently being traded.

“The biggest problem with IDO’s up to this time has been the exclusivity of the launches,” Nathan stated, as director of the Zeppelin Dao marketing team. Nathan added, “any ZEP Token holder who has obtained the quota of ZEP tokens required to take part in any IDO launch is very welcome to do so.” Nathan enthusiastically included, “I operate in the marketing sector. I have represented some of the largest companies in the UK. I have joined forces with some of the most formidable crypto experts that I know & come up with a bulletproof marketing strategy. Hardcore Holders!” This is exactly the kind of news crypto investors like to hear.

You only need to buy and hold Zeppelin in your wallet to reap the spoils

The High Advantage of Holding the Zeppelin Dao Auto-Yield Token

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Besides its groundbreaking IDO platform, the ZEP token is an auto yield token that is intended to allow a solid investment, regardless of volatility in the market. Holders will indefinitely and automatically get shares paid directly to the wallets where they hold tokens with every ZEP transaction occurring anywhere in the World. It is an automatically applied 10% tax on every token transferred or sold. Half of this “tax” goes to holders of the token and the rest goes to the “Iron Bank” token pool that allows liquidity of the tokens on the market. This “quartermaster fee” causes the ZEP Token to be “Whale Proof.” Any “whale” trading ZEP Tokens pays the 10% fee on autopilot with every transaction made, which ends up ultimately in the wallets of the investor community or the liquidity pool. The liquidity of the ZEP token was auto locked at launch and not retrievable by its owners or developers. The protocol continuously adds liquidity into the “Iron Bank” pool, steadily raising the floor price ad infinitum.

Zeppelin Developers state in the company whitepaper, “We designed the Zeppelin token with two principles in mind to maximize outcomes for all supporters. Reflection + Liquidity Acquisition.”

The Zeppelin Dao Auto Yield Token (ZEP) and the Lapis token (LPS) are available on Pancake Swap  and, the Equitas Initiative Token (EQT) will also be available there on July the 6th.

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