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Zipmex Review – Is Zipmex Scam or Legit?

Zipmex Exchange Rating
Account Types8.8
Trading Speed9.4
Customer Service9.1
Read our Zipmex review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Zipmex review before you sign up with the exchange.

Zipmex Review

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Cryptocurrency is currently a trending topic in the economic discussions of several countries today as it is termed to be the future of transactions. Cryptocurrency is also expected to replace fiat currency completely in the coming years, thus affirming its importance to global financial development. With the rise of cryptocurrency, exchanges, where digital assets can be traded, have also emerged. These platforms have become quite numerous with most of them achieving a form of popularity and utility. This is because some countries of the world are not severely regulated with their crypto space so the establishment of exchange within such countries is an easy task.  Presently there are about over five hundred crypto exchanges in existence and a good example of a reliable one is the Zipmex exchange.

Most of these crypto platforms are regulated while some are not. Most often, regulated platforms are usually the ones with more customers and users with a large trading volume daily. This is because crypto enthusiasts often find it easier and more assuring to trust regulated exchanges as the regulation is proof of their credibility. Regulation of a crypto trading platform involves the operations and activities of such a platform being subjected to certain rules and restrictions outlined by a regulatory agency. These regulatory bodies also oversee and monitor the operations of the exchange to ensure proper conduct. With such close monitoring, users are assured of the safety of their funds and assets.

Therefore, investors should confirm whether a crypto trading platform is regulated or not before registering and trading with them. This is because with deregulated platforms, there is no guarantee of safety and credibility and as the crypto market is a volatile one, there is a high risk of loss and bankruptcy with a firm that isn’t regulated. Deregulated firms have no authority under which they submit and are therefore not accountable as they can disappear with users’ assets. Within this review, all the relevant information about Zipmex exchange and how to invest profitably in crypto assets will be outlined in detail.

Exchange platformZipmex
Variety tokens21
Account neededYes
Verification levelsTwo
Trading platform paymentsBank transfer, Crypto wallets
Customer supportTwitter, Facebook, Telegram, Medium

What is Zipmex Exchange?

There is rapid growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies globally. The very efficient medium of circulating these digital assets is crypto exchanges. And in this aspect, Zipmex stands out. Zipmex has gained popularity, legitimacy, and authorization, thereby being a center of attraction for investors and traders to come and make huge profits. Zipmex is a Singapore-based company that was established in 2019 with over 20 listed cryptocurrencies. It has over 80 trading pairs and supports fiat currencies. Currently operating in various countries, including Thailand and Australia, it provides a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use user interface, making its processes flawless in trading cryptocurrencies.

Zipmex website

The platform has different currency options with high liquidity and an outstanding trading experience to help users make the most use of their chances of making profits. As a standout feature from its competitors, it has advanced investing features and can allow users to invest in more than one crypto asset at a time. Also, the platform has a native token called the Zipmex Token (ZMT).

Zipmex Trading Services

Most platforms stand out because of the services and products that they offer and this exchange is not left out. It allows users to trade crypto tokens conveniently and comfortably thus increasing their chances of market success. A single feature that makes this platform unique and encourages continuous utility is the automated algorithm which helps users determine the most suitable prices for tokens. By this determination, investors are offered advice on tokens to either buy or sell which in most cases end up in huge profits. Most users of this platform often rely on this feature with which navigation within the crypto market becomes easy.

In addition to helping users succeed effectively in the market, the platform is also concerned with providing relevant information about cryptocurrency thus increasing their success during trading. This is possible through the provision of educational materials and contents that helps shape the minds of investors whether institutions. This way, users are not limited in their knowledge of crypto currency. For novices and amateurs, this feature helps to widen their wealth of knowledge while still trading.

Also featured on the platform is a wallet where digital assets can be stored by users. This implies that deposits can be easily made through crypto tokens directly from the wallet making trading an easy and convenient task. All the services offered by the platform are geared to ensure that investors have a great and worthwhile experience while trading. This goal is further reiterated in the fact that the platform’s interface is one that can be easily understood and navigated through. Thus, it is easy for a crypto enthusiast with little knowledge of the workings of a crypto exchange, to peruse through the platform and end up gaining valuable information for trading.

How to Make a Deposit on Zipmex

Before you can make any trades on Zipmex, you must be a registered user. The first step is opening the sign-up page, where you will fill in your desired username, password, valid email address, and an invitation code if there is any. After this is done, you will receive a confirmation link in your email address to authenticate your registration.

In this confirmation process, all the necessary steps have to be carefully taken for the authentication to be successful. Once the email has been confirmed, you will be required to download a two-factor authentication application like Google Authenticator or Authy. With either of these applications, the two-factor authentication system will be activated to secure your account correctly. Then the next step is to go to settings and switch on the security system. The QR code technology will also be used to make some authentications and completions.

Once this stage has been passed, you will be required to verify to begin the KYC procedure. It is a critical stage that must be completed before any deposit or trade can occur. One of the basic KYC requirements is a valid ID and a new selfie.

The KYC is essential to avoid fraudulent activities and completely adhere to the laws guiding KYC and AML. Usually, it doesn’t take up to one hour to finish the primary verification. After the registration process, you will go to the investment account page and click on “Funding” to complete the deposit using a preferred deposit method. After making a deposit, users can start making transactions.

There are different ways to fund your Zipmex account. They include POLi, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency. Usually, it takes between 1-3 business days to fund a Zipmex account using the bank transfer method, while it only takes a few minutes to make deposits using cryptocurrency. The fiat currencies supported on Zipmex include Singapore Dollar (SDG), American Dollar (USD), Australian Dollar (AUD), and Indonesia Rupiah (IDR). The time taken to complete the funding process differs among the funding styles, depending on the bank and cryptocurrency used.

Zipmex Withdrawal and Deposit Fees

A 0.2% general fee is charged on every buy and sell transaction. This low fee makes the company stand out in the competition. For deposits, there are no charges on deposits with cryptocurrencies. But for fiat currencies, a fee of 25USD is charged for deposits using the U.S. Dollar. Deposits made using the Singapore Dollar attract a fee of 0.3% for every deposit value, while with the Australian Dollar, a fee of 1% or a maximum of three Dollars is charged.

On the withdrawal side, the charges differ between various currencies. For cryptocurrencies, withdrawals in Bitcoin (BTC) attract a charge of 0.0005BTC. Etherum (ETH) attracts a charge of 0.015ETH, while Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USD) cost 25 USD each. Every other withdrawal fee can be checked on their website. For fiat currencies, withdrawals made with the Australian Dollar have no charge attached. The US Dollar has a withdrawal fee of 25 USD and a minimum withdrawal of 30USD, while with the Singapore Dollar SGD, a fee of 0.3% is charged, and the minimum withdrawal is 10SGD. Every other withdrawal detail can be found here.

Cryptos Available on Zipmex

Zipmex supports a good number of cryptocurrencies, and they all can be paired with AUD or BTC. The platform specially selected these cryptocurrencies because they are more popular and easy to work with. So customers do not have difficulties making trades with their crypto assets, as several coins can be a burden and result in confusion.

Some fiat to crypto pairs available on Zipmex includes BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, XRP/USD, and EOS/USD. The popular cryptocurrency pairs include ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, XRP/BTC, EOS/BTC, and EOS/ETH. The provision of a variety of cryptocurrencies on the platform gives the investors an opportunity to choose their desired token. It also allows them to make multiple investments in several tokens thereby increasing their profit levels and maximization. As there are over eighty trading pairs, the focus of users are now widened and expanded thus increasing their knowledge and conception of the crypto world.

How Secure is Zipmex

Zipmex has various safety and security measures to protect its customers and the platform’s reputation. The firm is registered with AUSTRAC and keeps to the AML/KYC rules and regulations. With this, users can be assured of their funds’ safety and the long life span of the company.

For withdrawals, deposits, and trades using fiat currencies, Zipmex strictly keeps to KYC processes. While every other transaction made using cryptocurrency alone is controlled by email verification.

The firm ensures a two-factor authentication for newly verified email addresses which serves as double-layer security to every account, making it almost impossible for hackers to break into an account. There could be thefts only if a hacker has the login information of an account and can have complete access to the mobile phone attached to that account. Since the inception of the company, there have not been any reported cases of hacking. For this reason, the platform can be trusted to be authentic in terms of asset and wallet security.

Zipmex User Interface

The user interface of an exchange can be an advantage or a disadvantage, as users use it for reviewing and examining the platform’s level of professionalism. For Zipmex, their interface is top-notch, as it shows the high expertise level of the platform. The dashboard has an easy-to-use feature. On the top side of the dashboard, there is a display showing the live price, bid and ask price and 24 hours performance of the BTC asset. The left side of the dashboard displays the buy and sell chart and menu for traders.

Tradingview creates the chart interface on Zipmex. Tradingview is an excellent platform that shows live and correct charts alongside different crypto exchange lists. This platform also gives intelligent trading tools and indicators that help traders make maximum profits and minimum losses.

On Zipmex, different tools and time frames are given to make trend lines, put in different indicators and chart patterns while making market analysis, to make excellently targeted trades. The platform provides an order-entry form to be filled whenever a buy or sell is about to be initiated. And the platform features various types of special orders. They include Market, Limit, Limit: Immediate or Cancel (IOC), Limit: Good Till Canceled (GTC), and Limit: Fill or Kill (FOK).

A customer support function is available in the platform’s interface to receive customer reviews while they trade. Also, the platform has trading bots available for traders to trade profits and not losses regularly. Installation of this bot is a massive advantage for Zipmex, as it defines a whole new trading experience for its users. Another great feature of this platform’s interface is that it can be used on mobile devices such as Android and IOS smartphones as its web platform is readily available. Thus making it easy for crypto lovers who are more convenient trading on their mobile phones.

Customer Support

The exchange platform has a customer support service that gives customers every attention they need and helps them through every problem they face. It is a 24/7 service dedicated to the well-being of users and the growth of the platform. On the website, there are well-answered FAQs relating to the platform navigation and problems faced by customers.

If customers are not satisfied with the FAQ articles, they can use the Contact Us function on the website to have their issues solved. Also, their customer care representatives are readily available at More so, they have various social media platforms where they can be reached.

  • ·       Facebook

The platform’s Facebook handle is used to give updates on the platform’s development and new offers. Also, it gives articles and news on crypto-related matters, keeping its users abreast of information in the crypto space.

  • ·       Twitter

On the company’s Twitter page, various updates are given to keep users informed on upcoming events and participation relating to the platform. Also, users can have their questions answered here. Most official announcements are usually conveyed through this means to keep investors abreast of every development on the platform.

  • ·       Instagram

The company’s Instagram page is used for infographics. Announcements and updates are released using fliers, making it possible for the users to understand the message and avoid reading lengthy statements easily.

  • ·       Telegram

Telegram is a fast-growing social media channel for dispensing information, holding meetings, and other work functions. Zipmex owns a global Telegram channel, where it hosts all its users and feeds them with information and the latest updates. Also, it has different Telegram channels from the various countries they operate. The platform also owns a Telegram group for discussions and user-to-user interactions. Every inquiry on Telegram can be made to the company’s chatbot for adequate answers.

  • ·       Medium

The firm’s medium account is used to disseminate informative articles about its achievements, developments, current, and upcoming features. There is also information relating to how the platform operates and how to use its functions.

  • ·       YouTube

The platform has videos that describe how to carry out certain activities like trading, registration, live updates, and many more. The videos are created using different languages to help each of their users understand without difficulty.

  • ·       CoinMarketCap

The company’s profile on CoinMarketCap displays its portfolio of available cryptocurrencies, their pairs, and trading values. This provides in a certain way a professional outlook that would readily assure high standards and profit maximization.


With this review, it can be deduced that the company has made it easy to make trades for its users in the Asia-Pacific region. Many benefits are gained when using this platform, like its low trading fees, double-layer security, profit trading bot, and even a friendly user interface. All these features coupled with the fact that it is a regulated platform, make the exchange a great choice to trade on.

Shelly Melancon (Switzerland)

Shelly is a cryptocurrency enthusiast from Switzerland, she bought her first crypto in 2015 when it was way less popular then it is today and since 2017 she has been writing about cryptocurrency for online news portals. Shelly is the newest addition to the Tokenhell team, she writes mostly news and reviews related articles , stay tuned to her posts to stay up to date with the crypto world.

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