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ZK-Proofs Come To Bitcoin; Will It Redefine The Network’s Validation?

Like the Ethereum Layer-2 protocols, zero-knowledge proofs will soon make their debuts on the Bitcoin network. Once completed, Bitcoin users could independently verify individual blocks within and outside the blockchain ecosystem.

Zero Knowledge Proofs Now Live Bitcoin

According to reports, the Swiss-based non-profit platform ZeroSync Association is developing a tool to allow users to authenticate the state of the Bitcoin network without downloading the blockchain or using an intermediary. The platform was established to create and promote open-source platforms that allow the integration of proofs on the Bitcoin network.

ZeroSync utilizes StarkWare’s patented Zero-Knowledge solutions to verify and generate ZK-proofs for the protocol. In addition, ZeroSync uses ZK-proofs to create valid proofs and instantly verify the current state of the blockchain simultaneously.


Experts noted that the ZK-proofs had gained traction within the Ethereum ecosystem with several proof systems powering multiple Layer-2 scaling solutions like Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, and StarkNet. The ZeroSync Association also revealed that the ZK-proofs could enhance blockchain scalability and privacy issues by providing plug-and-play solution proofs for significant computational actions.

Moreover, ZeroSync’s project has pioneered the integration of ZK-proofs in the Bitcoin network, with the association highlighting Bitcoin’s simplicity as the reason for the possible integration. According to ZeroSync, Bitcoin’s Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model is a unique proposition for applying the proofs.

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Thus, the ZK-proofs do not need consensus change to be compatible with the Bitcoin network to function seamlessly. Accordingly, the group revealed that it is creating a software development kit to help developers generate custom validity proof to serve specific use cases with little technical expertise.

Other ZeroSync Projects

According to reports, the Swiss-based organization is also developing a client base for fast initial block downloads and implementing the first complete proofs for Bitcoin. Interestingly, the client system will allow developers to sync a full node without changing Bitcoin’s core codes.

The platform uses the Cairo programming language, widely popularized by the StarkWare protocol, to build Stark-based programs for further computation. Even though ZeroSync’s tool is in the prototype phase, it can still be used to prove the validity of individually estimated, valued blocks capable of verifying all Bitcoin rules except scripts.

The development team also noted that they have a work-in demo browser for STARK proofs for all Bitcoin blocks. Previously founded by StarkWare and Geometry, the ZeroSync Association is on the verge of launching its non-profit platform to boost several developmental projects within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Starkware president and co-founder Eli Ben-Sasson explained that ZK-proofs coming to the Bitcoin network is a huge accomplishment for the network’s users following years of slow sync. He added that its technological progress is akin to the previous slow-dial internet connection to today’s high-speed broadband.

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Lightning Labs is the contributing partner to ZeroSync’s Bitcoin Layer-2 Lightning Network payment solution. With the latest project, Bitcoin will join Ethereum in becoming a Layer-2 solutions protocol.

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