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A Report by Kaspersky Reveals A Third of Crypto Holders in US Suffered a Theft

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity services provider has recently shared an eye-opening report that involves cryptocurrencies and the people of the United States.

The report released by the service provider is pertaining to the risks that involve cryptocurrencies and their usage.

Crypto Threats 2023

The report shared by Kaspersky has stressed the locals living in the United States that have interacted with cryptocurrencies.


As the name suggests, it pertains to the risks that US citizens are exposed to when using cryptocurrencies.

The eye-opening situation here is that the report does not highlight the vulnerabilities in cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols.

Instead, it points out the bad habits that are being practiced by US citizens that are putting them at risk of facing crypto thefts. To be exact, it is the user security habits that are too poor causing the increase in crypto thefts.

2,000 Adults were Surveyed

Kaspersky has revealed in the report that they had surveyed a total of 2,000 adults from the United States. The survey was carried out back in October 2022, the same month when the crypto thefts were the highest for the year 2022.

The firm revealed that out of the total people they surveyed in the United States, 24% were the ones in possession of cryptocurrencies or digital assets.

The age segregation was also carried out by the cybersecurity firm, revealing that the people aged between 25 and 44 held the percentage of cryptocurrencies.

Out of the total respondents between the ages of 25 and 44, 36% confirmed that they had cryptocurrencies. As for the people aged 55 or more, 10% of their group confirmed holding cryptocurrencies.

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A Third Reported Stolen Crypto

The most concerning part is that a third of the total owners of cryptocurrencies from the survey revealed that their crypto was stolen.

The term “stolen funds” has been used as a generalization of all the negative incidents that have taken place involving cryptocurrencies.

To be precise, the respondents revealed they lost crypto to scams, loss of account access, theft of payment details, and identity theft.

These were the most reported types of scams that the victimized US citizens had to share.

Average Value of Funds Stolen

Another very alarming revelation in the report is the average number of funds that were lost by each investor from the United States to crypto. The report reveals that the average stolen amount was $97,583 from US citizens who held cryptocurrencies.

This clearly shows that the investors who participated in the survey were not some small guns but big ones.

More details revealed that the median figure of the theft amount was much lower than the average stolen assets. It shows that out of the total thefts, 39% of the thefts carried out were for $10,000 or less than that.

As for the thefts of more than $10,000, the data shows that those accounted for 29% of the total thefts.

The report shows that it was once again, people from the younger age group who were targeted the most. It shows that out of the total participants between the ages of 18 and 24, 47% were victims of crypto theft.

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Whereas, the people at the age of 55 or more than that accounted confirmed that only 8% of them faced crypto thefts.

Security Negligence

The Kaspersky report has claimed that out of most of the thefts, the majority were caused by lax security. The users did not put in a lot of effort to secure their accounts and save them from account thefts.

Most of the users who participated in the survey reported that they had not checked back on their accounts for more than six weeks. Shockingly, the security on their accounts was minimal, meaning they could always face another theft.

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