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ADStraders Review – Is ADStraders Legit? READ THE TRUTH HERE!

ADStraders Review

ADStraders logoOne of the fastest ways of earning substantial amounts of money is through online trading. With time, a lot of people have come to understand this fact due to which this space has seen considerable growth in the last decade or so. The widespread use of the internet has also made it easier for people to try their luck in this space and the huge number of financial instruments provide some great opportunities. But, the fact is that not everyone who enters this market is able to achieve their goals. Some people fail because they are unable to figure out how the market works. Other people incur losses because they don’t make sound trading decisions.

There are also those who are unable to do anything because they have chosen the wrong broker. Anyone who aspires to be a trader needs to know that having a capable and reliable broker is crucial to achieve success in online trading. A broker provides traders with the software they use for executing trades, the assets they wish to trade, trading tools and everything else they need over the course of trading. A quick study of the market will reveal that there are hundreds of brokers online and this gives people a lot of options to choose from.

While having plenty of choice is certainly appealing, you should ensure that the broker you do end up selecting is a legitimate one. If you don’t want to lose your investment, you have to make sure that your chosen broker is not unreliable or fake. Do such brokers exist? Indeed, the increase in the number of brokers has given a great opportunity to scammers to enter this space in order to con people. They disguise themselves as authentic brokerages and lure in traders, who they later scam in one way or another.

No one wants to choose such a broker that will exploit them later on. But, it is not just the scam brokers that you have to be cautious about. No two brokers are the same and neither are the traders. You have to ensure that the profile of your broker is in accordance with your needs if you want to have a profitable working relationship in the long run. The only way this can be done is through thorough research on your part. You don’t just pick the first legitimate and reputable broker you come across; you compare it with others, take a close look at its features and then make your decision.


Selecting the wrong broker, even if it is an authentic one, can still have troublesome consequences. You will not be able to continue trading and will eventually switch, which is easier said than done. It means valuable time and money will be wasted and the key to prevent this is to be proactive from the get go. Among the various options that you will come across in the trading market is ADStraders. It is hailed as one of the most renowned and trustworthy brokers in the market, but are these claims authentic? After all, every broker makes big claims about themselves.

ADStraders online trading

An Overview of ADStraders

Founded in 2008, ADStraders is an online broker that specializes offering Forex trading, CFD trading and spread betting. ADStraders LLC owns and operates this broker, along with ADSS, ADStraders, ADS and all other associates names. ADStraders has expanded over the years and is now providing its services globally with offices located in London, United Kingdom as well as Hong Kong. With more than a decade of experience under its belt, ADStraders is more than capable of fulfilling the needs of every kind of trader that decides to sign up with it.

ADStraders is currently offering their services in more than 173 countries in the world and catering to thousands of traders in these regions. They provide their clients access to a wide variety of instruments in different financial markets, such as commodities, foreign currencies, bonds and even cryptocurrencies. It boasts great trading conditions and helps every single trader achieve their goals in the best possible way.

Regulatory Status of ADStraders

If you check out scam brokers and some genuine brokers, you will discover that there is one primary difference between the two; the former are mostly unregulated ones whereas the latter are regulated ones. Regulated brokers are the ones that are monitored by a third-party organization and are required to follow international standards and guidelines. They are decidedly a safer option because they have to fulfill certain capital requirements and have to maintain transparency. ADStraders is one of the most heavily regulated brokers in the world, which makes it a great option when you are looking for a trustworthy option.

The most impressive thing about ADStraders is that it is not just regulated by a single organization; it is regulated in multiple countries by different regulators, which adds a strong layer of security. As it also provides its services in the United Kingdom, ADStraders is authorized by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

The best thing about a regulated broker is that it will not try to exploit you in any way because it can put their license at risk. ADStraders doesn’t manipulate prices or breaks any law while providing you its services. They comply with all regulatory standards and create a safe and optimal trading environment for its clients. You can rest assured that the company will not disappear overnight with your capital or your information. In case of any issues with the broker, the regulatory organizations can be involved to settle the matter.

Trading Markets Available at ADStraders

As mentioned earlier, ADStraders allows its clients to trade in a range of markets, a fact that has helped the broker draw in clients from all over the globe. When you take a look at their asset index, you will discover that there are more than 2,200 trading instruments available for trading, which means that everyone can find something suitable according to their trading style. Let’s take a look at some of the top options:

  • Currency: One of the most prominent offerings of ADStraders is none other than the currency market. You will come across more than 60 currency pairs that can be traded via the broker’s platform and this includes both major pairs as well as exotic crosses. As it is the largest market in the world, you can use it for diversifying your investment portfolio and to hedge against the exposure in other instruments.
  • Indices: Instead of trading individual equities, ADStraders provides its clients the opportunity of trading indices. These are designed to help you speculate on the performance of various markets, such as the S&P500, NASDAQ, DAX, CAC and more.
  • Commodities: Referred to as the building blocks of the world’s economy, ADStraders has incorporated a huge array of commodities on its trading platform as they are a ‘safe haven’ for all investors, regardless of their risk tolerance. These include everything from precious metals to energies like gold and crude oil. As a matter of fact, you can also trade agricultural products like sugar and wheat via the broker.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Perhaps, the most popular offering that you will find at ADS Trader is that of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 for the first time, but the market has come a long way since then. Today, there are numerous cryptocurrencies that can be traded and ADStraders has added plenty of options to ensure its clients can dip their toes in this market as well.

Trading Markets Available at ADStraders

Advanced Trading Solutions at ADStraders

Dedicated to providing its clients with a seamless trading experience, ADStraders has put in considerable effort to incorporate the technology, education and support that’s needed for making the most of the financial trading markets. Therefore, you will come across some of the best and most advanced trading solutions when you sign up with ADStraders. Check out what options they have given you:

  • WebTrader: ADStraders provides its clients with its bespoke version of WebTrader, which is a popular choice of a lot of traders. The most notable feature of this trading platform is that it can be accessed through the web browser, which means you don’t have to go through the motion of downloading or installing it on your device. Hence, it doesn’t depend on the device’s performance and offers extremely fast execution i.e. less than 200 milliseconds for executing a transaction. It provides users access to research and trading tools, trading signals, automated trading, live newsfeeds, advanced customizable charting and Expert Advisors.
  • MT4: One of the most renowned trading platforms in the world, the MetaTrader4 delivers quick trading execution and impressive charting capabilities. It has an accessible and user-friendly interface that provides users with a wide array of options. They all add up to form a powerful and flexible platform for trading. Along with live newsfeed, traders can enjoy programmed trading strategies, tools for creating custom indicators as well as automated trading. The platform can be downloaded easily and runs very smoothly without any lags.
  • Mobile Platform: ADStraders have ensured that their MT4 platform also boasts mobile functionality as this has become an essential requirement of traders these days. The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices and you can use it for trading on the go. It offers a great deal of flexibility to users because they don’t have to be tied down. They can be anywhere and still have full access to their account on ADS Trader. You can open and close your positions, perform technical analysis using the 30 indicators provided and monitor the markets 24/7.

With these trading solutions, ADStraders has proven itself to be fully capable of catering to the needs of its clients.

Security Protocols at ADStraders

With the rise in the number of cyberattacks, the trading world is even more at risk because a lot of money and sensitive information is involved here. In the last couple of years, the number of cyber breaches in the trading market has gone up and this has made traders very vulnerable. While there is no way to guarantee 100% safety, there are some precautions that can be taken by a broker to provide their clients with a safe and secure environment. ADStraders, thanks to its years of experience, is fully familiar with what needs to be done to ensure that their clients’ funds as well as their personal information remains safe at all costs. Their security protocols are also in accordance with the standards set by the regulatory bodies that oversee its operations.

To start with, ADStraders is fully compliant with the regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. Complying with this policy is a requirement for every trader who wishes to use the broker’s services. Otherwise, you will be able to open your account, but will not be able to make any transactions until you have followed the rules of these policies. What do they require? You have to give proof of your identity and your residence before you can move forward. The former can be done by providing ADStraders with a scanned copy of your national ID card, passport, driver’s license or any other form of government-issued ID.

This will confirm your identity, as long as you using your real name to sign up with ADStraders. In this way, fake profiles can automatically be eliminated. Next, proof of residence can be given by sharing a scanned copy of a bank statement or utility bill of the past three months that shows your residential address clearly. There are also a couple of compliance questions that will need to be answered before you can move forward. In addition, if you plan on using your debit or credit card for conducting transactions via the broker, a scanned copy of the card will also have to be submitted.

Moving on, as ADStraders is a regulated broker, it has to follow customer account segregation, which means that client accounts are kept separate from that of the broker’s. The purpose is to ensure that the broker doesn’t use the capital of its customers for its own dealings and expenses. It also reduces the possibility of any misappropriation. Furthermore, ADStraders is also required to keep the funds stored with Tier-1 banks, which are the most secure, in order to prevent the money from being stolen. In case it is, the broker has to provide compensation to its clients.

As for the safety of the personal information accumulated by ADStraders, they have implemented 256-bit SSL encryption technology for keeping it hidden from outsiders. No information is shared or sold to outsiders or third-parties without the consent of the traders and it is only used for provision of services and nothing more. This gives you peace of mind because you know that your personal information will not be used for anything illegal or will not end up in the wrong hands.

Account Choices at ADStraders

Now that you have checked ADStraders’ asset offerings, their trading platforms and their security measures, you can think about opening an account with them. It is perfectly natural to feel apprehensive even now because you don’t know how the entire trading process will play out. In order to relieve the fears that people have in this regard, ADStraders has added the option of a demo account. This option has been introduced to make every trader’s life easier and it provides every user access to $50,000 in virtual currency that they can use for getting in some practice.

This can be invaluable for newbie traders because they get the opportunity to experience what a live trading market would look like and how they can execute trades. As far as experienced traders are concerned, they will be able to use the demo account for practicing their strategies and to become familiar with the broker’s trading platform. After you have gotten acclimated, you can open a live trading account with ADStraders.

The broker has introduced trading accounts for everyone, from novices to seasoned traders, to accommodate them as much as possible. Every account comes with professional-level features and allows you full access to powerful trading platforms and markets offered by the broker. ADStraders has also ensured that their accounts comes with proper training material and resources that can help traders throughout their journey.

Account Choices at ADStraders

The account options you will find are:

  • Gold Account: The account options begin with the Gold account, which is meant for beginner traders. With this account on ADStraders, you will be able to trade prominent currency pairs including EUR/USD and AUD/USD, along with other major pairs. It also gives traders access to equities that include Facebook, Lyft and Tesla. If you are more interested in trading cryptocurrencies, you can find CFDs for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Gold, silver and other commodities are also available, along with indices like Down Jones, FTSE 100 and DAX.
  • Platinum Account: The second account option at ADStraders is regarded as the Platinum account and is for traders with some experience in the market. Therefore, they are given daily as well as weekly emails from the broker’s research team regarding market updates. Trading ideas are also provided, along with market sentiment about different instruments. Technical and fundamental analysis is also provided to the users to help in making trading decisions.
  • Black Account. Developed by ADStraders for intermediate traders, this account includes seminars for all kinds of traders and they can also download e-books on different segments of the market. There are educational webinars that can be accessed based on the risks and rewards associated with trading. There are one-on-one workshops involved that can be quite useful.
  • VIP Account: The last account option that you will come across at ADStraders is the VIP account and this is reserved for skilled and professional traders. It offers the best of everything that the broker has to offer, which includes lowest spreads and fees. No hidden fees or commissions are involved and traders can use some advanced trading tools, such as economic calendar and earnings calendar. All features of previous account types can also be accessed under this account.

Along with these account choices, ADStraders has also added swap-free account options for traders who don’t want to receive or pay interest. These are referred to as Islamic accounts as they are designed for Muslim Traders.

Customer Support at ADStraders

As a broker that is dedicated to providing its clients the best trading services in the market, it is a given that they will have a robust customer support system in place. The broker has provided detailed information on their website about every aspect of their services, but if you still have any more questions or there are concerns, they have given channels that can be used to reach out to their team. If you have an urgent query that needs to be resolved right away, you can call them on the phone number provided on the website. Otherwise, there is also the option of email given to clients for getting their questions answered. They are responsive and prompt and will aim to satisfy you as much as possible.


ADStraders has been around the market for a long time and they have incorporated educational and training resources for their traders, provided them with advanced banking solutions and have not included any hidden fee that would increase the cost of trading. They are renowned for their low fees and commission, making ADStraders one of the best brokers that you can choose for online trading.

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