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‘Assassin’s Creed’ Creator Ubisoft Expands into Cronos Blockchain

The determination of gaming giant Ubisoft to expand its scope and blockchain presence is evident in its entry into the growing NFT gaming space. The gaming firm behind the popular Assassin’s Creed confirmed its expanding presence to validate the Cronos blockchain. 

The move to become Cronos blockchain validator comes hot on the heels of its expansion into the NFT gaming segment. The video gaming firm confirmed the critical milestone by targeting to support the Cronos Network. The gaming company indicated that Just Dance and Assassin’s Creed, among other gaming franchises, are set to operate nodes running on the open-source Cronos Network. Ubisoft identified that Cronos Network is interoperable with the Cosmos and Ethereum blockchains.

Ubisoft Expanding into Cronos Blockchain

Ubisoft intends to generate new blocks on the Cronos blockchain. The scope would involve confirming the blocks as transactions are executed in a coordinated process featuring 27 validators in the Cronos blockchain and crypto exchange The presence of multiple validators in the Cronos blockchain yields a more decentralized network.  


Efforts undertaken to inquire from Cronos Labs representatives about the nature of the alliance yielded no response. Also, the representatives were unresponsive on whether money was involved in creating the alliance.

Cronos Labs announced the Ubisoft expansion into its network to support developers in the pursuit of advancing blockchain gaming. The startup’s executive lauded the alliance that would enable its team to leverage Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab’s expertise. 

Cronos Labs chief executive Ken Timsit restated the firm’s pursuit of leveraging the enthusiasm of Ubisoft’s team for blockchain technology. He admired Ubisoft as challenging the Cronos staff to assume a tested course to advance its technical and ecosystem roadmap. He applauded the immense contribution from Ubisoft since emerging as a trusted mentor during the Cronos Accelerator Program in 2022. 

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Ubisoft Becomes Network Validator for Cronos Ecosystem

Timsit identified Ubisoft as a leading player in creating and publishing video games that will benefit Cronos ecosystem as its network validator. The startup’s tweet on Tuesday, July 18, predicts the responses and observations made by the Strategic Innovation Lab would be critical to delivering the tech upgrades needed in the Cronos network as it eyes to support more use cases. 

Ubisoft’s move to support the Cronos blockchain aligns with the publisher’s renewed interest in realizing strategic expansion into the NFT gaming space. It advances the company’s culture of prototyping and unveiling in-house-built blockchain games. The strategy now features expanding support of networks and projects investment. 

Ubisoft revealed its ongoing development of Champions Tactics and Grimoria Chronicles, which involve a tactical-based role-playing game unveiled in June on the Oasys blockchain network.

Ubisoft previously introduced the in-game NFT items for players in Ghost Recon that run on the Tezos blockchain. 

The additional rewards in the Breakpoint PC game unveiled in late 2021 made Ubisoft the pioneer among the leading game publishers to incorporate NFTs within existing titles. Nonetheless, the move sparked a considerable backlash from conventional gaming fans. The critics decried the gaming giant’s decision to enter the NFT space.

Ubisoft Sustained Presence in Blockchain and NFT Gaming Ecosystem

Ubisoft’s presence in the blockchain ecosystem traces to 2018, when it initiated experimenting. In particular, it tried the Minecraft-like prototype identified as HashCraft though never released. The Assassin’s Creed creator would unveil the Rabbids-themed NFT trial as a spinoff from the NFT-based fantasy soccer game identified as Sorare. 

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A revisit of Ubisoft’s journey would feature integrating Rabbids characters within the Ethereum metaverse game – The Sandbox

Ubisoft involvement with Cronos blockchain replicates previous engagement with the ecosystem. Previously, Ubisoft offered expertise support to the Hedera and Tezos blockchain ecosystems. Its input features run the network’s validator. 

The move to support the Cronos blockchain reignites Ubisoft’s input in NFT games, including Soarare and Axie Infinity. Also, its expertise input shaped Ultra into a thriving marketplace for EOS-based crypto gaming. 

Like the Strategic Labs, Ubisoft mentors various crypto and NFT startups participating in its Entrepreneurs Lab program. 

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