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Bitcoin Bulls Plan To Retake $40,000 After Breaking Resistance

The bull market is quick on its feet to regain the lost value earlier this week. Bitcoin showed signs of dropping on Sunday, where it fell slightly before experiencing a short-term price increase. Along the line, the crypto failed to hold its support level as it experienced a price crash from its $40,000 mark to the $30,000 range.

Since then, for fear of a severe impact, traders sold some of their holdings, which increased selling pressure. Despite the fall, the Bulls show signs that they want to retake the earlier position after the crypto bypassed a significant resistance point and analysis predicts that surging might occur.

Bitcoin faces new hurdles

At particular points before a surge, cryptos face the dreaded resistance that could lead to a further drop of the support level is not strong. Since the $35,000 breakout, the digital asset might face new hurdles along with the $38,000 range, preventing it from reclaiming its all-time high. The new support could help the crypto prevent bearish dominance in the market.

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Bitcoin bears have wiped out a significant amount of market cap from BTC, which could adversely affect cryptos in the long-term. Even with the falling prices, new investors look into the digital assets sector with investment plans to witness the next BTC surging.

Following recent happenings, OCC permits banks to transact with stablecoins after necessary verification showing that the US government might have big plans for the sector. The Comptroller, Brian Brooks, is a noticeable advocate of the crypto and DeFi world, and he publicly speaks on how the technology will help today’s banking. The OCC is a bank regulatory agency that serves as a watchdog for US banks. The comptroller said the self-driving DeFi banks, which do not need third-party verification before transacting.

Altcoins growth period

Crypto experts explain that this period where ETH and BTC face an aggressive bear market is a perfect period for the adoption and exposure of other cryptocurrencies. Statistics report outflows from profits that holders use to buy altcoins to assure larger returns.

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Investors are looking for the next BTC that would sporadically grow in value within months to get massive profits within a short while. Numerous rallies from altcoins would help them get institutional investors’ attention, whose monies would swiftly change their stance in the crypto industry. Many changes will happen when institutional investors make their entry into the altcoins sector.

Looking at the top cryptocurrencies in the market, people are trading BTCs within the $34,000 range, while Ethereum gained some bullish momentum as it stabilizes slightly above $1100. Unfortunately, the price drop removed a few billion from the total market cap of the industry. Still, the digital asset holds more than 50% of the cryptocurrency cap, which slightly dwarfs the whole sector.

Some analysis shows that cryptos will soon surge with the bullish market’s help commuted to driving prices higher. The selling pressure dropped when compared to earlier this week, where exchanges recorded massive trading volumes due to asset sales and new customers who recently picked interest in the sector.

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