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Expect Bitcoin’s New Peak Above $69K Soon, Says VanEck CEO

Jan van Eck, CEO of the global financial firm VanEck, which was one of the early applicants for a spot Bitcoin ETF, has expressed a strong outlook for Bitcoin. He believes that Bitcoin is a uniquely positioned asset that is unlikely to be surpassed or replicated. 

Contrary to views of Bitcoin being a bubble, van Eck forecasts that the cryptocurrency will reach a new all-time high, surpassing $69K, within the next 12 months. This prediction comes amidst his expectations that the U.S. SEC will eventually approve all pending spot BTC ETF applications simultaneously.

VanEck CEO’s Optimism for Bitcoin and Spot BTC ETF Approvals

Jan van Eck, the CEO of VanEck, a pioneering financial company in the Bitcoin ETF arena, has a unique perspective on Bitcoin’s future. Having led one of the first global financial firms to apply for a spot Bitcoin ETF years ago, van Eck sees Bitcoin as an asset that is almost impossible to replicate or surpass in its value and appeal.

Countering the notion that Bitcoin is merely a speculative bubble, van Eck confidently predicts that Bitcoin will reach a new all-time high (ATH), breaking past its previous $69,000 peak, within the next 12 months.


This optimistic view is intertwined with his expectation that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve all spot BTC ETF applications concurrently.

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VanEck’s Journey with Bitcoin ETFs

Van Eck’s journey into the world of Bitcoin began with an appreciation for its similarities to gold, which drew his interest to the primary cryptocurrency. This interest led VanEck to file for a spot Bitcoin ETF as early as 2017, making them the “first established ETF player” to venture into this space.

Despite facing a series of rejections and delays from the SEC, VanEck has persistently amended its applications. Most recently, the firm even updated the ticker of its ETF proposal to ‘HODL’, a term popular in the cryptocurrency community, reflecting their commitment and enthusiasm in the Bitcoin ETF space.

Van Eck has observed parallel trends in the performance of gold and Bitcoin, noting that they often move in the same direction and are influenced by similar macroeconomic factors.

With the next Bitcoin halving event on the horizon and the potential approval of spot BTC ETFs, van Eck believes these factors could significantly boost Bitcoin’s price. His prediction for a new ATH for Bitcoin in the upcoming year is based on these converging factors and his firm belief in Bitcoin’s unique value proposition in the financial market.

Dismissing the Bubble Theory for Bitcoin

Van Eck has a firm stance on the ongoing debates surrounding Bitcoin’s price volatility and its comparison to historical financial bubbles, such as the tulip mania.

Contrary to the views of some skeptics who label Bitcoin as a bubble bound to burst, van Eck holds a different perspective. He believes that Bitcoin’s ability to consistently outperform its previous highs is not characteristic of a typical financial bubble.

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Van Eck also addressed the possibility of a new digital asset surpassing Bitcoin in the future. He remains skeptical about the emergence of another “internet store of value” that could leapfrog Bitcoin, highlighting the unique position and value Bitcoin holds in the digital asset space.

Regarding criticisms about Bitcoin being used for criminal activities, a view shared by prominent figures like Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, and others in the banking sector, van Eck had a pointed response.

He implied that those in the banking and financial sectors should be cautious in their criticisms, as these industries have also had their share of associations with criminal activities. 

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