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Gloomy Outlook Reported for Cryptos in New 2023 BIS Report

In a new report by BIS, the crypto sphere has again continued to experience unrest resulting in losses for investors. Much like in the previous year, 2023 has continued to increase retail losses as the crypto market faces many challenges. In the report by BIS, the crypto sphere’s ability to turn around the losses immediately may be limited. 

The Crypto Scene Before the Crash

Cryptos became popular around 2015, growing into one of the biggest developments in the modern world. With millions of users around the world, investors and new users flocked to digital assets. The sector grew to encompass over 30 million users globally. As more digital assets were added, the crypto sphere blew up, becoming a juggernaut outside the traditional finance systems. 

However, as indicated in the report, fortunes shifted in 2022 when the market experienced more issues and caused many investors to incur losses.


What Went Wrong in the Crypto Sphere 

In May 2022, the crypto market experienced one of its worst challenges to date. The crash of Terra/Luna, a stablecoin heralded the start of the downward spiral for cryptos. The stablecoin had been previously lauded as a step into the future of cryptos. However, upon losing most of its value in a matter of hours, billions of dollars were lost. The event saw over $450 billion get wiped out from the market in a matter of days. This series of events led to many investors losing money and public sentiment growing with regard to the risks involved when investing in cryptos.

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To add salt to the wound, FTX, one of the largest exchanges at the time, also collapsed in November 2022. The abrupt meltdown of the exchange left the market reeling again. During this incident over $200 billion was lost. Thus, on average, users made losses during the financial period. With increasing public reactions, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other assets experienced significant drops in value. 

When it Rains it Pours

As a result of these events, several patterns emerged. The events saw increased activity on exchanges. In this rush, large investors often withdrew their capital at the expense of small investors. Consequently, it was estimated that at least four-thirds of investors would have made losses during this period. 

While the losses were major, they did not adversely affect the broader financial sphere. Given that cryptos have largely been decentralized, the effects of the collapse have been somewhat limited.

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Nonetheless, in light of these events, there’s need for alternatives and precautions to be taken by governments. The report suggests that policymakers should draft policies to contain the risks posed by crypto assets. By doing such, the negative risks or effects on the stability of the global financial system can be mitigated. 

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