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Group 500 Review – Why I Chose and Still Trade with

Group 500 Review

Hey there, I hope your search for a reliable trading brokerage is going good so far. But I have a good news for you and the news is that your search may finally be over because what I’m about to tell you will convince you and then compel you to choose Group 500 as your trading brokerage. However, I know that a living example needs to be shared before start considering choosing Group 500 over other trading brokerages that are already very popular and respected among the trading community.

So my journey for an online trading brokerage began when I was working in a private company and had enough of the daily headaches and tasks that I had to put up with in order to make a meager salary. Many times, I felt like getting up and leave me job right away but what stopped me from doing it was the need for money and my duty towards my family as I was the only bread winner for my family.

Finally, the day came when I convinced myself to take the risk and I left my job. At first, I was relieved that I had finally set myself free from the confinement and chains that held me back from using all my potential. However, in a few days, I started feeling the pressure and became desperate to find a solution to my need for good.

This is when I started surfing the internet, researching to find a reliable source of income and saw opportunities into fields that were online business & online trading. As I didn’t have enough money so running a business was not an option so I made up my mind in investing in online trading. I spend days to find a brokerage that could help me achieve my goal, a goal that was customer oriented instead of being after customers’ investments.


At last, my hard-work did not go in vain and I was able to find Group500 and the moment I went through their content, I was confident that this was the brokerage I had been looking for. Therefore, let me take this opportunity to explain why I am still trading with Group500 and haven’t moved to any other well-renowned brokerage.
httpsgroup 500com

Spectacular Trading Accounts Offered by Group500

The very first content I went through on Group500’s website was their remarkable trading accounts that come with variety of services, upgrades and benefits. All of the accounts offered are created after gather data from the trading markets and from customer feedback. Each account is experience based and offers services that are most suitable for the investors:

Silver Account

This is the very first account I opted for when I started trading with Group 500 as I was still a bit hesitant in going all out and found it hard to trust Group 500 with my money. However, all my fears went away when I started trading through Group 500 and got my first turnover. From that point onwards, I never looked back and am constantly making big bucks.

Coming back to the Silver account, you can acquire this account by making a deposit of minimum $10,000, which grants you access to the basic level education center, unique trading platform, avail minimum 0.01 and maximum 100 trading lots sizes, latest trading news, 1-on-1 basic training sessions & 2 VIP signals per month.

Gold Account

If you are already familiar with the trading world and its basics, then Group 500’s Gold trading account is the best option that you can acquire by making a deposit of minimum $25,000. Owning this account grants you full access to the education center offered by Group500, 1-on-1 basic training sessions, unique trading platform, limited trading signals, services of a personal account manager, minimum 0.01 & maximum 500 trading lots sizes, latest trading news and 10 VIP signals per month.

Platinum Account

If you are planning to go for this account then it means that your trading experience is now above average and you are ready to level up on the challenges, risks as well as fortunes. In order to get your hands on this account, you are required to make a deposit of minimum $50,000, granting you full access to the online education center, 1-on1 basic training, unique trading platform, full trading signals, personal VIP account manager, unlimited trading lots sizes, latest trading news, daily VIP signals, trading algorithmic feature, zero withdrawal fees and small trading fees.

Signature Account

I so wish to have my hands on the Signature account that is offered by Group 500. For me it is the next level to test my trading skills and take the pressure while trading in the most challenging markets. This account is introduced mainly for investors who are pro in the trading and want to trade in millions.

The Signature account can be acquired with a deposit of minimum $250,000, which grants you full access to the online education center, 1 on 1 basic training, full tool and service access in the trading platform, full trading signals, unlimited trading lots sizes, personal VIP account manager, daily VIP signals, latest trading news and insights, trading algorithm feature, no withdrawal fees, minimal trading fees, personal sessions with market analysts, private banking, membership in Traders Group Club, leverage of 1:300 & up to 70 percent insured contracts.

Vast Variety of Trading Assets That Group500 Offers

When I joined Group500, I couldn’t help but get surprised and amazed to see how much they had to offer their clients. In the past two decades, online brokerages had become so greedy that they had stopped paying any attention to the benefits and services they used to offer their clients to make their trading journey smooth and joyous. Instead, majority of the brokerages focused on getting their clients to invest more and more money while the profits remained stagnant.

This gave birth to discontent among many old and new traders who had started losing faith in the online trading business as a whole as the only thing they could see in this market was loss and deceit. This is why Group 500 is considered to be the saviors and retainers of the lost reputation of online trading as they are customer oriented and to achieve this, they have arranged together a variety of trading assets and with their efforts as well as personal training sessions, they have ensured that their clients make the most profit from the mutual efforts.

While many below standard brokerages prefer to play it safe by providing online one trading asset to their clients, Group500 has provided the below:

Forex Trading

I am sure that you must be familiar with the term Forex trading that comes from the full form: foreign exchange trading. It basically refers to the process of buying and selling of currencies in the form of pairs such as USD/EUR, JPY/AED, GBP/AUD etc. At present, forex trading is currently the most liquid and volatile market that observes an overall transaction volume of around $5 Trillion per day, which towers over the daily transaction volume of stocks and indices markets combined.

If you choose to trade in forex, you have the freedom of choosing a pair out of 70+ pairs that are available in the forex market and buy or sell the pair based on their price and value to earn profits. Just so you know, I am also trading in forex since I started this journey with Group 500 and the pair I chose is USD/EUR, which is currently the most value pair in forex trading as it comprises of 50% of the daily transaction volume flowing through the forex markets.

Futures Trading

This particular trading feature is unique as it is available for use on any of the trading platforms. In futures trading, the investors while trading can make a call whether the price of a the trading instrument is to rise or fall at a pre-decided date/time and if the outcome is in the investor’s favor, they end up making up to 80% profit from their bid. This particular is considered to be similar to gambling and is commonly used in commodities trading.

Commodities Trading

Commodity is a variety of instruments traded commonly among industry level entities as they are bought and sold in large quantities and bulks. Simply put, commodities are resources acquired through agriculture (such as wheat, cotton, corn, rice etc.), mining (such as gold, copper, silver, diamonds etc.) and drilling (such as petroleum, gasoline, diesel etc.). Just like forex trading, the investors have the opportunity to buy one out of many commodities offered through this platform and sell them based on their price volatility to make profits.

Indices Trading

Indices trading involve the collective assets value of group of companies that represent a certain sector. In indices trading, the investors cannot buy stocks but have to observe the price and value of the assets of a certain index and based on their analysis and speculation, they can call for long positions or short positions and make profits if the outcome is in their favor.

Stocks Trading

Stock trading refers to the assets that a company puts on sale in the public market in order to generate funds and revenue to meet their annual targets and spend money in their research and development programs. This is a business tactic practiced by almost every major companies such as Apple, Uber, Tesla etc. and they have experience significant growth in their annual turnovers through this maneuver. Here, the investors can buy the stocks and keep them in their possession until the price and value of the assets go up and sell them to earn profits.

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic Trading is a unique feature that is integrated into the trading platform offered by Group500. Using this feature, the investors can pre-set commands to initiate a sale or close a deal based on the date/time/price that is pre-decided by a trader. Using this feature, you can always command your trading platform to start buying, selling or stop buying and selling based on the date/time/price provided.

Group 500 trading platform

Top Notch Trading Platform Offered by Group500

To be honest, everything that I have told you about that Group500 offers would have gone to waste if they didn’t have one of a class trading platform to handle either of these. This is the reason why, Group 500 has picked the most trusted and advanced trading platform known as WebTrader. This platform is considered to be the Blackhorse among the rest of the platforms and is adapted by the most prominent trading brokerages due to its heavy duty maintenance and features.

When you are trading with Web Trader, you have global access to the online trading markets no matter the instrument that are further backed up by its user-friendly and intuitive interface, top notch trading tools, variety of trading charts, algorithmic trading feature, single-click execution, latest trading news, secure trading channel, buy limit, buy stop, sell limit, sell stop and much more features than any other trading platform.

I’m sure that by now you are amazed to see what this trading platform has to offer but you will be surprised to more that this platform is not just limited to a dedicated operating system but can also run on web (firefox, chrome or safari) as well as smartphones (android & iOS). This has again been set up keeping in mind the convenience and ease of the consumers.

You Have A Question? Ask Group500’s 24/7 Customer Support

In all honesty, nothing can be complete without the support of a real-time staff that is available 24/7 to listen to your problems and provide prompt solutions. Group500 is well aware of this criticality and has put together a team of highly skilled individuals who are extremely professional and humble when solving customer issues. Additionally, these individuals have undergone basic level trading trainings to improve their issue identification ability and solve basic trading level issues that come up there and then.

I Know You Are Convinced But Are You Ready?

Although it is true that the online trading business is full of achievements, success and fortunes but this is also true that it is full of risks, failures and resentment. Most of the time, people imagine that they will start making big bucks once they have made an investment but they fail to notice is that everything comes at a price and here, the price is dedication, devotion and patience. If you are missing on either one of these, your journey will end before it even gets started and the only reason would be your impatience and fear of losing everything.

So first, make up your mind and choose wisely.

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