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How to buy Flow (FLOW): The Best Exchanges to Use

Flow is a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain network for building decentralized web3 applications for mainstream use. The entire blockchain ecosystem is powered by FLOW, which is the native utility token used on it.

The FLOW token is used for different things, including paying for transaction fees, for participating in apps, games, and other features on Flow, and to incentivize network validators and delegators to secure the network.

It is also used as a governance token. By holding it, users possess the right to vote on network upgrade proposals for the platform. If you wish to participate in the Flow ecosystem, getting some FLOW tokens may be the first and most important step to take, and the following are the best platforms you can use to buy it.


Binance is a secure and trusted platform for buying crypto assets such as FLOW. The most popular way to buy the token is by swapping BTC, USDT, and other assets for it. There are over 350 other crypto assets listed on the exchange, so you won’t run out of options. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, anyone can easily use the Binance platform to buy their favorite crypto assets such as FLOW. its design is very simple, making it possible for anyone to use it.

Binance also charges very low fees, probably the lowest in the industry, so you can use it even on a budget.


Coinbase is also a popular exchange for buying and trading of crypto assets. It has over 260 crypto assets listed including FLOW. You can buy the token here using two methods.

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The first is to buy it using fiat currencies like USD and EUR. it is advisable to use debit or credit cards because it’s much faster and safer. The second method is to swap assets like USDT for it. This is also quite easy and instant.

The fees are however relatively high, especially if you’re a user based outside of the United States where the exchange has its headquarters. Coinbase has a simple user interface designed mainly for beginners, so anyone can easily use it.


Another top crypto exchange where you can buy FLOW is Kraken. Though it has its headquarters in the U.S, it serves a global user base. You can buy FLOW on the secured platform using fiat like USD and EUR, or by swapping BTC and ETH for it.

There are over 350 other crypto assets on the exchange, and it is designed for easy use by anyone with any level of crypto knowledge. Kraken also charges low fees that are lower than most crypto exchanges.

In terms of security, it is the most secure crypto exchange in the space, having existed since 2011 and having no security breach.

You can also buy FLOW on, a trusted crypto exchange with regulatory licenses from different countries and jurisdictions. The exchange supports over 350 other crypto assets apert from FLOW, which you can buy and trade.

You can swap assets like USDT to get FLOW or buy directly using fiat like USD to buy the token using credit/debit cards as well as other methods. It is also a simple crypto exchange that everyone uses to buy and trade.

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The fees are also competitive, and the platform allows users to stake their assets for rewards that are higher than on most exchanges.


Bybit is a trusted platform for advanced traders and investors. It is a great option for buying FLOW because it has several options when it comes to crypto assets. It supports over 1,000 crypto assets you can buy and trade as well.

You can buy it by swapping your USDT for the token. This is probably the only way to buy the token on Bybit, but is an easy one to use and also instant. 

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