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Moxium Review – Is Moxium Scam or Legit?

Moxium Broker Rating
Read our Moxium review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Moxium review before you sign up with the broker.
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Moxium Review

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Moxium is one of those brokerage firms that are growing rapidly in the online trading industry. It has some really advanced features to offer to its customers, and with its best-in-class trading services, it caters to the trading needs of all of its clients. It shows complete dedication to its customers.

It has a highly advanced and user-friendly trading platform and many other trading services and features. You can read our Moxium review and get more information about this outstanding brokerage company because, in this review, I have tried to cover each and everything related to this broker.

These are the key points of my detailed Moxium review:

  • About Moxium
  • Multiple Asset Index
  • Security And Privacy
  • Four Pillars Of Success For Your Crypto Investment
  • Moxium’s Trading Platform
  • Account Types Offered By Moxium
  • Customer Support Service
  • Conclusion

About Moxium


Moxium is an incredible and legitimate broker that accepts customers from worldwide. It is an ideal broker for you that offers an easy-to-use platform and allows customization of the features and technical analysis of the investments. We cannot deny that there are plenty of options available regarding an online trading platform, so Moxium had to come up with something unique to grab the traders’ attention.

So, as a result, it has committed to providing the clients all those features they want and not just claimed, but it has accomplished its commitments. 

Moxium homepage

This company understands that the clients are putting their hard-earned money in trade just by trusting them and that the clients want a perfect and flawless trading platform in return. So to earn the loyalties and trust of the traders, Moxium has come up with a platform that is the pinnacle of technology and trading right now. It has a variety of features to satisfy its customers.

The Moxium customer service unit is working 24 hours a day and seven days a week to cater to all its clients’ problems as soon as possible. It also provides accessibility to the platform from anywhere globally, learning resources for the new traders, and tools to make the trading process smoother and more accessible.

Online trading is distinct from traditional trading. It’s not just about trading assets and gaining money, but also about the experience. People anticipate maximum convenience when they sign up for and use online financial platforms. Moxium allows you to trade from anywhere, at any time. Are you too tired to go to work? It’s fine; you may trade and earn money from home.

Are you on a read with just your phone? It can also be traded. You may trade from anywhere, on any device. Mobile phones allow you to trade from anywhere. However, the desktop PC version offers more advanced trading features, allowing you to choose between the two. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about your equipment because Moxium’s customizable technology works flawlessly on all platforms. Honestly, these features aren’t seen anyplace else.

Multiple Asset Index

When I first started trading, I expected to trade a few assets. Trading a wide range of assets has always intimidated me. I dreaded the challenge. The truth is that you find it difficult at first because you don’t know how to trade. Once you learn the foundations of trading, everything else flows naturally.

Now you can invest your money in other assets that will benefit you greatly. My money is now spread over several investments. If one of my assets loses value, I can balance the loss by investing in another one that gains value. That is precisely what I advise. After joining Moxium, you’ll have access to a variety of capital markets and assets.

If you believe currency pairs will benefit you, I can assure, you will find more of them on this firm platform. Because big currency pairs are secure and less volatile, you are usually limited to them. When you create an account with this company, though, you can test your trading limits.

If you’re tired of trading main currency pairings, you can try minor and unusual currency pairs. Gold, silver, copper, and other metals can also be traded. When you use Moxium , you may trade cryptocurrencies, ICOs, energy, stocks, indices, commodities, and much more than you might imagine.

Security And Privacy

When it comes to securing your identity, sensitive information, and money, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been trading. Anyone who uses online services anywhere in the world is concerned about their safety. When you buy something on the internet, you must pay with a credit or debit card.

Similarly, when you open a trading account with Moxium, you must enter your credit or debit card number. The organization has implemented some extremely stringent security measures to make sure that you can register your account without fear of losing your personal information.

As a result, the info you provide to the platform includes your debit or credit card number, as well as front and back photographs of your card. Furthermore, if you want to use a direct bank transfer, you will be required to submit a photo of your financial statements.

You may need to upload a photo of your passport to prove that you are a legit trader. Finally, you will be required to supply identifying details, not just the number but also the photographs. When you create an account with Moxium, all of this data is encrypted and kept safe.

  • SSL

You’ll also be relieved to know that the Moxium website is protected by the most advanced SSL certifications available elsewhere in the globe. Not only that, but you won’t have to be anxious about your financial situation either. It is promptly moved to segregated funds kept by the brokerage in separate bank accounts as soon as you deposit monies into your account with them.

  • AML and KYC

These policies are only in place on the world’s most significant trading platforms, which are few. However, I must inform you that an internet broker who requests the submission of personal information and banking information is doing their job correctly. If you come across a trader that does not require you to provide these pieces of information, you have arrived at the wrong location.

In exchange for allowing you to sign up and pay using your credit card, they will allow another person to register with your identity and pay with their card. No one will ever know who you are because they do not collect any personal information from you at all.

With Moxium, you can rest assured that your KYC and AML rules are in place. These regulations are in place to guarantee that money launderers are kept far away from the online trading platform and that only legitimate individuals with verified IDs can sign up for an account on it.

Four Pillars Of Success For Your Crypto Investment

It is impossible to become successful in online trading overnight; numerous aspects contribute to the success of any trader. It isn’t easy to keep track of all variables and regulate and understand them while still focused on trading. Moxium is one of the greatest brokers out there, and they have taken care of all your concerns and made trading more convenient for you. Instead of claiming to make trading easy, they guarantee to do so while handling the rest of the details. Moxium refers to the variables linked with the trading industry as the “4 pillars of success”. Let’s have a look at what they are.

  • Education

Traders can be classified by their knowledge, abilities, and experience. Moxium organizes them after categorizing them because it has started an education program for its traders to improve their trading skills. There are video lectures, e-books, daily news, trends, and tutorials to help traders better comprehend the market. This content not only assists new traders but also helps seasoned traders enhance their abilities and techniques.

  • Research

Staying ahead of the curve requires keeping up with the newest market news. Moxium has market research professionals who inform traders about asset values.

  • Execution

Moxium’s cutting-edge technology enables skilled and temperamental investors to trade in the appropriate assets at the right time.

  • Discipline

Investing success comes from sticking to a plan and taking calculated risks. As a result, Moxium is among the top brokers.

Moxium’s Trading Platform

In online trading, a fast and convenient trading platform is mandatory to excel in your career. If you provide a dull and sluggish trading platform, even experienced traders will start losing money. But Moxium is providing a robust trading platform that enhances the capabilities of traders. With its state-of-the-art trading tools, it proves a booster for newbies to build their careers.

There are more than 100 financial instruments provided on this trading platform. These amazing financial instruments allow traders to get maximum advantage of available market potential. The best thing about this trading platform is that it is customizable. The users can select those conditions that better suit their needs and likes. Moxium takes care of all technical needs of its clients.

This trading platform is created using its own self-created technology, which makes it an ideal platform for every kind of trader. Its feature-rich environment, prediction tools, well-sorted charts, and technical analysis make it user-friendly for traders.

Some of its counterparts provide a dull and boring graphical user interface that feels a burden on the eyes after consecutive use. But the animations and color selection of this GUI is so amazing that it feels soothing for the eyes. I personally use this for many hours regularly, but I never feel discomfort.

In addition to these visual features, Moxium provides many technical features as well. These features include deep liquidity pools, tight spreads, and customized trading tools, which also increase the skills of traders.

Account Types Offered By Moxium

Now it is time to have a look at the types of accounts Moxium is offering for its valued customers. For security reasons, it is mandatory for every client to register himself and select an account according to his allocated budget. Every trader has a different investment volume, trading style, knowledge, and risk appetite. Due to these reasons, Moxium has created five different types of accounts to match the requirements of different kinds of traders. These accounts are named Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Corporate accounts.

  • Silver Account

Silver account is the basic account offered by Moxium. Its most attractive feature is that it is the most affordable type of account as it can be opened by depositing 10k dollars only. Those traders who want to risk fewer amounts always pick a silver account for trading. Other features of this account are daily based news, weekly market reviews, an account manager, and a weekly progress report of the portfolio.

  • Gold Account

You can own the Gold account if you have 50k dollars in your pocket. Although you will be spending 40k more than the Silver account for this money, you will be getting lots of additional features too. In this account, you will be eligible to get a 25 percent margin loan on your trades. You will receive an invitation to special trading events and a free appointment with a certified accountant to manage your portfolio. A top analysts group will monitor your account 24/7. In addition to all these features, all the features of the Silver account will be available in this account too.

  • Platinum Account

The platinum account of Moxium is advertised as the best value for money account. The margin loan limit increases to 50% in this account. You will have access to the weekly live trading webinar. An analyst will be available to you for one on one discussion, and a yearly summary will be generated for you by a tax specialist. For all these mesmerizing features, you will have to deposit 100k dollars.

  • Diamond Account

The initial deposit limit is high for this account, but it is alright because this account is created for expert and professional traders and not for beginners. You can own this account by depositing 250k dollars. In this account, you can get a 75% loan margin, customized education, daily market signals, in-depth research, invitations for VIP events, and a completely managed portfolio.

  • Corporate Account

The minimum requirement of a deposit for this account is 1M dollars. In exchange for this money, you will be given all the features of the previously mentioned accounts. The loan margin is 100 percent in this Elite type of accounts. Other features include higher payouts, a wealth manager, and unlimited access to brokers.

  • Customer Support Service

Out of the traders trading in online markets, only a few have a strong financial background, and the rest of the traders are inexperienced. The majority of these don’t try to receive formal education and decide to learn on the go. For this type of trader, the customer support agents of Moxium remain on their toes to help. The customer support team consists of expert traders who guide traders on every step.

Whenever traders require help, they can contact Moxium through any of the available mediums of communication. The clients of this broker are spread on all continents of the world, which is why they speak different languages. Although most of them speak and understand English, some of them are not fluent in English. To remove this barrier, Moxium has hired translators as well, which assist clients in their own language if they are unable to comprehend English.

The customer support representatives remain available from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM GMT on all the working days of the week. There are five different ways in which you can contact Moxium. First of all, you can visit the head office if you are a resident of London. The address of the broker is 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9s.

Secondly, you can fill out the contact form provided on the website of this broker. After writing your name, email, and contact number, you can write all your problems or question in detail and submit them with a single click.

The third method of contact is the use of an email address. You can send a thorough email to the official email address of Moxium to share your problem as well as to seek guidance. Fourthly, you can call on the landline number of the broker to discuss the matter in detail. And lastly, there is a Whatsapp number also listed on the platform, which is the most convenient way to contact the broker.


Signing up with Moxium is quite simple. The trading interface is unique and intuitive and includes equities, indices, and cryptos like bitcoin. All of the other features, including the top-notch security, advanced trading platform, and professional customer support service, are also remarkable and make this broker unique. You have read about all of the features of this broker, and now, it is your turn to decide whether this broker suits your needs or not.

Moxium Broker Rating
Read our Moxium review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Moxium review before you sign up with the broker.
Account Types
Trading Speed
Customer Service

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