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Oasys Partners with Singularity for Enhanced Gaming Payments

Key Insights:

  • Oasys and Singularity team up to ease blockchain-based gaming transactions, ensuring quick and simple payments.
  • New payment integration in Oasys allows for straightforward asset and fiat transactions, improving the gaming verse.
  • Oasys’s strategic move with Singularity paves the way for a user-centric, efficient gaming blockchain network.

The blockchain-based gaming landscape is witnessing a notable shift as Oasys forges a strategic partnership with Singularity. This alliance promises to streamline payment processes within the gaming ecosystem. Singularity brings to the table an innovative cross-chain payment solution that stands to benefit gamers significantly.

Seamless Transactions Take Center Stage

Oasys, which operates on a gaming-optimized blockchain architecture, leverages Ethereum’s Layer-2 for enhanced scalability. The new collaboration with Singularity is a strategic move that aims to provide gamers with a hassle-free payment experience. Consequently, this synergy underscores Oasys’s commitment to elevating the gaming journey for its users.

Singularity’s payment solution confronts the longstanding issues of cross-chain transactions head-on. Gamers have often grappled with the complexities of token swapping and the intricacies of navigating multiple networks. With Singularity’s system, these obstacles are effectively removed. Hence, players can purchase across Oasys’s varied gaming Verse landscapes without juggling network-specific details.

This partnership means Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets can be bought using a wide array of tokens. These can originate from the Oasys Hub-Layer or any connected Verse, smoothing out the gaming experience considerably. Moreover, the integration allows for using credit cards and other fiat payment methods from across the globe.


9Lives Arena, an online RPG within the Oasys HOME Verse, is poised to incorporate Singularity’s NFT Checkout. This move is anticipated to advance significantly, blending blockchain technology with immersive gaming experiences. As a result, gamers can look forward to a more fluid in-game transaction system and an enriched play experience.

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A Vision Shared for the Future of Gaming

Daiki Moriyama, the Director of Oasys, has emphasized the importance of ease of use and quick transactions for gamers. Incorporating Singularity’s payment system not only simplifies transactions but also amplifies the gaming experience. Moriyama believes that this step is a leap forward for user-centric gaming.

Aditya Gupta, CEO of Singularity, shares this vision, foreseeing a new age of utility and innovation in blockchain gaming. Gupta remarked on the compatibility of Singularity’s goals with the Oasys Verse framework. He believes the future holds great potential for games built on application-specific chains that offer flexibility and customization.

Advancing the Oasys Ecosystem

Oasys has carved a niche with a unique blockchain structure tailored for gaming. Its dual-layer setup, consisting of the Hub-Layer and multiple Verse-Layers, allows for a diverse array of gaming experiences. Singularity’s entrance enhances the Oasys infrastructure, facilitating effortless cross-chain asset transfers and varied payment options.

Notably, Oasys is backed by industry giants like SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games. These companies not only lend their support but also act as initial validators on Oasys’s Proof-of-Stake blockchain, adding credibility and stability to the network.

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Additionally, Oasys has entered into a strategic alliance with Adventure Gold DAO (AGLD DAO). This collaboration is designed to bolster the realm of fully on-chain games and nurture the growth of Autonomous Worlds. Together, these partnerships aim to chart a course for a more interconnected and user-friendly blockchain gaming world.

The Oasys and Singularity partnership marks a significant stride toward resolving the complexities of gaming payments. This collaboration promises an evolved gaming experience where the focus remains on play, not payment. As the gaming industry continues to grow, these advancements are not only timely but essential, catering to the ever-evolving needs of the global gaming community.

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