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Privacy Browser Brave Integrates With Crypto Exchange Gemini

Brave, a privacy browser, began with a vision of compensating web users if their browsers must show ads. For those using BAT, there is an agreement that they will be rewarded with a Basic Attention Token (BAT) for every ad they watch.

The Brave’s native token can then be recirculated to content providers as a gift or can be traded to fiat or other digital assets. However, there is a new integration that makes the payment easier.

A crypto exchange, Gemini co-founded by Tyler Winklevoss, and Cameron announced their partnership with Brave to make the privacy browser users withdraw their BAT to their Gemini accounts through the exchange user wallet.

From the announcement, you can link your existing Gemini account with Brave or create a new Gemini account on the Brave Rewards page. This synchronization will make your BAT balance show up on your Gemini account as though it was purchased through the exchange. Nevertheless, you can still assess the token on the browser to tip your favorite content providers.

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Before now, there were two exchange wallets available for Brave users to use; Uphold and bitFlyer for Japanese users. Apart from these, BAT can be exchanged through the Brave widgets for, Gemini, Binance, and FTX.

Speaking with a popular crypto blog, Christopher Nguyen, the Brave product manager, said, “the product is not neglecting Uphold, which is the favorable option for US users, nor are we shifting our focus away from existing solutions. We are only adding more options for the browser users.”

The share of the popular browser has fallen far behind other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, and others. Before the end of 2020, there are about 20 million new users monthly, and this record can be credited to its position as a pro-crypto browser.

The browser launched a new private search engine in June while it also announced the plans to develop a decentralized exchange.

The new update rollout has met complaints from users as the common one has been the Zero balance after the synchronization of Gemini and Brave. This, however, was addressed by an administrator who claimed that the reason for such occurrence is the huge volume of transactions for the exchange to process. He assured everyone with zero balance not to panic but relax as their BAT would be restored in no time.

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