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Swindlers Impersonate Celebrities to Scam Black Lives Matter Supporters

Online scammers are using all their possible ways to trick and steal from innocent cryptocurrency investors. This time, their target was donors who wanted to support the Black Lives Matter movement that marked a year since the murder of George Floyd. Scammers used their impersonating tricks to lure donors from different parts of the globe.

On 24 May, Bitdefender Antispam spotted multiple emails trying to bait individuals interested in supporting the Black Lives Matter crusade.

This time, crypto scammers posed as celebrities and high-profile executives to fuels their dirty game. The fraud artists started by recognizing the protestor’s goodwill and the affected individuals.

Some of the celebrities used by the fraudsters for their mission include John Legend, Lebron James, Lenny Kravits, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Mandy Moore, Katty Perry, George Takei, Chris Evans, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Angela Basset, Amy Schumer, Meryl Streep, Eva Longoria, and Alicia Keys.

The scammer started by reminding supporters about the movement. Moreover, how they can offer their financial support without hurdles.

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The recipients were notified about celebrities and high-profile individuals across the globe, gathering to show their concerns about George Floyd, a victim of the movement. The scammer offered various ways to support the crusade. They included voting, engaging in challenging conversations, learning how to handle racism, and donating to help communities and directly affected individuals.

Any recipient interested in support would donate any amount from $25 to $1,000 in BTC, using the attached crypto wallet. Fortunately, the provided BTC address had not received Bitcoins so far.

The scammer added that the contributions would help fuel the movement globally.

With this latest trick by scammers, you will agree that fraudsters and cyber crooks can do anything to get your cryptocurrency investments.

That includes impersonating major financial, political, and social events making international headlines through various platforms.

Keep in mind that the Black Lives Matter movement has been fueling protestors to date since 2020’s tragic murder of George Floyd.

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You may have to be cautious with any donation call you may receive via unsought emails. The best thing is to stick to appropriated channels when you want to support a social movement like Black Lives Matter.

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