YouTubers Reported Another Crypto Purge; Is There a Need for a Censorship-free Platform for Crypto?

YouTube has taken action against those who promote "sensational" content

YouTube took an action against crypto content creators and blocked most of the videos related to cryptocurrency. According to YouTubers, another purge is seen as many prominent crypto educators are targeted. However, it seems that YouTube has taken action against those who promote sensational content. But, YouTubers have a different stance on this.

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On Feb.24, many crypto educators are affected by YouTube’s censorship over cryptocurrency. These include Ivan on Tech, Chico Crypto, Crypto Wendy O, and many others.

Two Prominent Crypto Educators affected this time

A prominent crypto educator, Ivan on Tech, took to Twitter and presented his case with the community. According to him, his live streaming was banned and there was no harmful content in that stream at all. He protested against the purge by saying, ’’YouTube crypto purge is back.’’ He requested followers to help in this matter by sharing the post.


Another prominent Crypto YouTuber, CryptoWendyO, also became the victim of the recent purge. Her live stream video was also banned claiming that the video violated the ‘Community Guidelines.’ She asked YouTube to ‘’ fix your algo & do a better job of taking care of you content creators.’’

Both crypto content creators outreached the help center of giant video sharing platform but still, they have not received any reply. This incident infuriated the crypto community. Many demanded a separate platform for crypto educational content that should be free from any censorship and decentralized.

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Views of Binance CEO and Buterin on Crypto Purge

The last crypto purge was seen in December 2019 when a lot of crypto YouTubers protested. The CEO of the giant crypto exchange Binance advised the crypto community by saying, ‘’ It may be time the #crypto community take a stab at its own blockchain-enabled sensorship-resistent social media platform.’’

The co-founder of Ethereum Foundation Vitalik Buterin appreciated the CZ Binance’s idea and said, ‘’ I would also really welcome experimentation in this area.’’

However, YouTube claimed that the action was taken unintentionally and was not according to the company’s policy. They have also rejected the view of crypto-content censorship.

The recent ban on the crypto streams, again, raised the question of whether they are censoring crypto content or not.



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