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Apple CEO Tim Cook Believes Artificial Intelligence Requires ‘Rules of the Road’

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive officer, spoke with Dua Lipa concerning the potential of artificial intelligence and the need for regulatory structures.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive officer, expressed positivity for artificial intelligence’s (AI’s) future, claiming it is life-changing with endless potential. However, he stressed that guidelines and guardrails are required to avert the technology’s misuse.

Risk Associated with the Misuse of AI

 In an interview with Singer Dua Lipa, Cook said artificial intelligence can alter life positively. Since it can execute things in the future, it can aid in diagnosing an issue from a health perspective.

Cook claimed that artificial intelligence exists in all Apple products in spite of the firm not labelling it. As one writes an email or message on the phone, they will see predictive typing that attempts to guess their next word. In turn, one can pick the word.


Technology firms have significantly invested in generative artificial intelligence since the unveiling of GPT-3 in 2022. GPT-3 is OpenAI’s flagship model. From that time, billions have been pumped into the artificial intelligence industry.

 This includes $10B by Microsoft in OpenAI, $2B by Google to develop Anthropic, more than $10B by Apple to invest in AI development, and $4B by Amazon to develop Claude AI developer Anthropic.

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Despite being positive, Cook claimed that caution is necessary. He said AI can execute an unlimited functions and activities. However, it can also do bad things. Several international figures have expressed concerns regarding the proliferation of artificial intelligence-created deepfakes.

Recent Development in AI Technologies

 Last month, Internet Watch Foundation, a Cambridge-based charity, cautioned that child abuse material generated using artificial intelligence was spreading quickly across the dark web.

According to Cook, some rules of the road and regulations are required with this new form of artificial intelligence. Most governments across the globe are currently focused on this as well as how to go about it. Besides, he said they are among the first people to claim that regulations are necessary.

Earlier this year, chief executive officers from major artificial intelligence developers signed onto a Biden Administration vow aimed at responsible AI development. Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, OpenAI, and more signed onto the pledge, while Apple failed to end.

In May, Apple cited fears of information leaks and intellectual property losses as the reasons for joining Samsung, a rival smartphone maker, to ban ChatGPT’s utilization in the workplace. In July, it was reported that Apple was silently making an artificial intelligence chatbot to rival ChatGPT.

Apple Official Call for Regulation of AI Technologies

Cook said that Apple is careful about approaching AI, claiming the tech behemoth thinks a lot concerning how people will utilize its products. Cook believes that despite a majority of governments being slightly behind the current curve, they are swiftly catching up.

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 Examples of those catching up include the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union (EU), and some Asian countries. Earlier this month, 29 nations and the EU pledged a combined approach to managing AI.

The Bletchley Declaration, named after the Bletchley Park location of the United Kingdom Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit, suggested the need for international leaders to collaborate to promote transparency, security, and partnership concerning generative artificial intelligence. Cook expressed confidence that some artificial intelligence regulation will exist in the next 12-18 months.

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