5 Best ways to Buy Lisk Coin (updated) – Ultimate Guide 2020

There are many ways to buy Lisk coin but here you will find the best ways to buy Lisk coin and best wallets to keep your Lisk coins without any risk of theft attacks.

What is Lisk?

Lisk came into existence as an application platform based on blockchain technology in 2016 under the supervision of Oliver Beddows and Max Kordek. Now developers have an easy pathway to develop their own blockchain applications and have full control over its customization as well as management.

Lisk had a very good start and became very popular since its inception as it raised almost 14,000 BTC through its initial coin offering (ICO): titled as the successful crowdfunding project at that time. The market capitalization of coin achieved the golden mark of $1,000,000,000 in the Q4 of 2017. It is now counted in the top 50 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap and volume trading.

Lisk is offering its native wallets to store your cryptocurrency that includes “Lisk Hub” and “Lisk Mobile”. Lisk Hub has the features to send and receive the LSK coins and has support for ledger hardware wallet but with the mobile wallet, one can also store the BTC besides transferring LSK tokens to other wallets and exchanges.

Buy Lisk Coin with Credit Card on Coindirect

Coindirect is the peer-to-peer network trading platform with 40 different cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. The charges may vary dependent on the types of services but there are no hidden fees as it has a transparent fee schedule.

Coindirect offers its users to create a wallet on the platform where you can keep your coins. So, it is a better option to store your purchased Lisk tokens in the wallet.

Below there is a step by step guide to buy Lisk coin:

After creating your account on Coindirect, the next step is to open up your Lisk wallet and click on “Buy now”

The page will open where you will have to select the “New VISA card” option.

After pasting your amount to purchase coins, the next requirement is to give your credit card details.

The final step is to confirm your transaction; reread your details and then click “Submit”

Buy Lisk Coin with Credit Card on Coindirect

5 Best Exchanges to Buy Lisk Coins

It is very necessary to mention in the start that still there is no method to buy Lisk digital assets with fiat currencies; it means you cannot use a credit card or any other fiat method to buy cryptocurrency. However, it is expected that the exchanges of crypto will add this feature in the future.

But you can purchase it with altcoins and bitcoin; the famous trading pairs to get tokens in your wallet are available with BTC and Ethereum. You need to buy first bitcoin or Ethereum with the fiat currency such as the dollar and then get the Lisk coins with BTC or ETH.

Below, there are best ways to get coins are mentioned:

1 : Buy Lisk Coin on Binance Exchange

Buying Lisk coins through Binance exchange is the option as Binance is the biggest exchange by market volume that is serving the crypto industry from 2017. We recommend this exchange to buy LSK as it is offering the trading of the wide range of cryptocurrencies at very cheap rates; it generally charges only 0.1% fees on all trades.

There is a further discount on fees when purchasing digital assets with the native token of Binance platform called BNB. Binance has access to nearly 200 countries with a broad range of altcoins listed for trading.

Binance offers the following trading pairs of Lisk with other digital assets:


Buy Lisk Coin on Binance

2 : Buy Lisk Coin on Poloniex

Poloniex is another exchange through you can get the Lisk digital coins with Bitcoin and Tether. Poloniex is a crypto platform that facilitates its users in the margin and lending trading. It was developed in 2014 with native city United States. It is the best platform for the trade of digital assets as there is no role of fiat currencies at all. You can place your funds offline on the Poloniex but it is recommended that you should transfer them to an external source as there is a risk in storing offline.

The charges on services are different depending upon the volume and can vary from 0.10% to 0.20%.

The following trading pairs are available on Poloniex:

Buy Lisk Coin on Poloniex

3 : Buy Lisk Coin on Kucoin

Kucoin is a digital exchange for cryptocurrency and marked its name out of all due to its rewards programs as 90% of service charges distribute as bonuses and rewards to the users. There are almost 140 cryptocurrencies are listed on the exchange and have access to nearly 200 countries making it a global platform.

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There are no fees at all for depositing funds but the charges vary when withdrawing from the exchange; however, for trading services, they cut 0.1% that are very cheap. Moreover, there is no role of fiat currencies as all are done through altcoins and bitcoin.

The pairs of Lisk cryptocurrency are as follows:


Buy Lisk Coin on Kucoin

4 : Buy Lisk Coin on Hitbtc

Currently, the largest trading of Lisk tokens is running on this exchange. HitBTC claims itself to be the most advanced bitcoin exchange and to somewhat it is true as it provides the features of OTC and margin services besides normal crypto trading. HitBTC is one of the biggest exchanges in terms of crypto weightage as it listed almost 800 different digital assets.

However, this platform has very slow support as some customers’ complaints about it but when it comes to the question of purchasing Lisk token, it is the best platform; currently, it is providing four different trading pairs of LSK.

Four trading pairs of Lisk are available on HitBTC:


Buy Lisk Coin on Hitbtc

5 : Buy Lisk Coin on Huobi Global

Huobi is also a trustworthy platform for purchasing Lisk tokens with cryptocurrency. Huobi was founded in 2013 with headquarters in Singapore and also have subsidiary branches in the US, South Korea, and China. The special thing about the Huobi its procedure to list digital asset; only secure digital assets filtered from any kind of scams are listed on Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) through the voting of community members.

The fees of Huobi are very competitive as they charge only 0.2% on major trading pairs; however, the discount is up to 50% depending on your membership level which is designated as V1-V5.

The following pairs of Lisk are present on Huobi Global:


Buy Lisk Coin on Huobi Global

4 Best Wallets to Keep Lisk Coins

After buying lisk coins from exchanges, it should be transferred to a safe place as it is very risky to stock your digital assets on the exchange. There are a lot of theft attacks in the past that steal the pile of the crypto worth of million dollars.

If you want to keep the LSK coins then you should research that which wallets are supporting the specified cryptocurrency. If you want to keep more multiple digital currencies then you will have to select the compatible wallet for your needs.

1 : Trezor (Hardware Wallet)

You can store your Lisk coins on Trezor as it supports the cryptocurrency. Trezor is one of the best hardware wallets, which have support for a broad range of digital coins at very competitive rates. The device is very small and you can carry it with you wherever you go as this is the beauty of portable devices.

The installation of it is very simple; you have to put it into the computer and need to follow the steps. Whenever you plug the Trezor into the computer, you will have to put the pin code in order for the authentication.

There is no use of “password’ and “username” and all your private data is saved in the device. But additionally, they provide the feature to set a strong passphrase to secure your credentials. We recommend that you investigate minutely before purchasing it and we do not guarantee its credibility.

Store your LSK assets in TEZOR

2 : Lisk Hub (Desktop)

As the name suggests, it is like a hub where you are accessible to all things related to cryptocurrency. It is more than a desktop wallet, as said by the community of the coin, ‘all in one solution’ and has a broad list of features.

Once the account is created you have full control over the tokens and can send and receive at any time. If you are facing any trouble regarding the user interface, you can get help from the tutorial page of the platform. The interface is designed in such a way that new babies can easily use with quick onboarding.

As we have mentioned that not everyone can participate in the mining of the coin but only through the votes to the delegates that in turn mined the coin. This voting process will become very easy using the Lisk Hub as you can participate in the voting process to choose delegate and can also register yourself as a delegate.

It is more secure than you imagine as it is secured by the Scour signature and with the second passphrase option to secure your tokens. It will also facilitate traders of crypto to buy Lisk with BTC in the future and full monitoring of network as well as markets.

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Keep your LSK in Lisk Hub

3 : Lisk Mobile (Mobile)

The Lisk Foundation has an advanced wallet for mobile that is available both on the App Store and Google Play; you just need to update it regularly whenever an update is available to enjoy the latest functions and tools. There is no chance of doubt about its security because you can access it with biometric authentication and additionally, there is an option of account’s passphrase backup.

You can login on the mobile app by any one of the three ways that include touch ID, QR code and Face ID. It was initially launched to store its native cryptocurrency but the team behind the project made it more efficient and effective by adding the facility to store BTC which is not present in the desktop application.

It is good news for iPhone users as they can send LSK to one another through iMessage. The onboarding is totally dynamic with the friendly interface of the screen to accommodate the beginners.  However, Mobile wallet has some limitations as compared to Lisk Hub.

The limitations are as follows:

  • There is  second passphrase registration
  • No option of delegate voting
  • Support for the Ledger hardware wallet not available
  • No support for Trezor hardware wallet


Android App

4 : Lisk Commander (CLI)

This is another wallet developed by the developers of the Lisk Foundation to store your digital assets in a safe way. The main difference between this and others is that this is in the form of coding language; not everyone is able to use it. Only professionals who have an understanding of command language are able to utilize this.

This is a Command Line Interface based wallet for webs and desktop that offers its users to handle it dynamically using the command line tools. It is a quick and effective way to access your coins than normal wallets.

Let’s start with Lisk Commander


Everything you need to know about the Lisk cryptocurrency is craftily explained above like, what is Lisk and its underlying prospects for developers. The best exchanges to buy the cryptocurrency and best wallets to keep your purchased LSK are explained very minutely keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of Lisk cryptocurrency. We try to clear some common doubts in the frequently asked question section. However, if you are facing any issues or have any query, let us know in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy LSK with fiat currencies?

You can buy Lisk coins with your credit card as we have given step by step guide above.

Is the ‘Lisk Hub’ is a safe wallet to store cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can stock your digital assets in the wallet without any risk of being a loss.

Can I get the LSK cryptocurrency by mining?

You cannot get it by mining as there is a different procedure called forging.

Can I buy LSK with the credit card or PayPal account?

You can buy with credit card but still there is no method of purchasing Lisk coin with PayPal.

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