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Nvidia Leverages AI Boom, Market Capitalization Dwarfs Entire Crypto as Tokens Dip

Banking on artificial intelligence (AI) is paying off, with Nvidia realizing impressive results in its rising market capitalization. The second quarter earnings report’s release has seen Nvidia earn $1.18 trillion market capitalization.

Nvidia Surpasses Prediction to Realize Record Revenue

The sudden leap has allowed Nvidia’s $1.18 trillion valuation to overtake the crypto market, currently hovering around $1.09 trillion. The chipmaker market capitalization rose with the surge in Wall Street firms with AI exposure. As such, Nvidia stock realized $502 on Thursday, August 24. 

Nvidia would realize an all-time high stock price in the 52 weeks to realize $502.66. Although the stock price has slid to $471.63, its total market capitalization is $1.16 trillion, per Google Finance


The bullish Nvidia stock coincides with the release of a second-quarter report indicating the firm realized $13.5 billion in revenue, yielding $6.2 billion in net income from $2.04 billion in the previous quarter. The revenue rose 88% from $7.192 billion in quarter 1 and 101% of the prior year’s performance. 

Nvidia Towers Tesla, Facebook and Crypto Market

The performance surpassed the initial projection by analysts. Nvidia ranks as the sixth largest publicly traded firm, surpassing Tesla Inc. at $720 billion and Facebook Inc. at $737.85 billion. Besides dwarfing the pets of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, it towers above the entire crypto market with an estimated value of $1.09 per CoinGecko. 

Mark Connors, who heads 3iQ research, indicates that Nvidia’s stock price is growing, given the demand for hardware destined for the AI sector. He added that AI finds a direct relationship to crypto, a reason for further growth in the future. 

Connors considers that as crypto retraces the footing following the tough sledding witnessed in 2022, AI technology has transformed into the coveted hot commodity. He admits that most tokens are struggling to rally their prices, giving AI technology space to thrive, as witnessed following the ChatGPT release by OpenAI.

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World Transitioning to Accelerated Computing With AI

Nvidia chief executive Jensen Huang echoed Connor’s sentiments, indicating that companies globally are transitioning to accelerated computing while integrating generative AI. The move marks a new computing era with the majority, if not entire units, ditching the general purpose culture. 

 Connors observes that ChatGPT pioneered a friendly user interface accessible through typing prompts into the chat box. Its infrastructure contrasts search engines such as Google. Connors that crypto is battling multiple challenges, subjecting it to delayed takeoff. He considers that it would take more years for Ethereum to assume a verb-like label like Google.

 Nvidia’s remarkable fiscal quarter performance banked on the sequential growth realized within the data center segment. The unit grew by 141%, particularly given the chipmaker’s specialization in delivering GPUs destined for closure applications and high-performance computing. The element realized an astonishing $10.3 billion in earnings in the second quarter.

Lumida Wealth Management chief executive Ram Ahluwalia attributed the stock price to the growing revenue expectations. Partly, the emergence of crypto requirements to tokenize will only fuel the stock price higher. 

Ahluwalia dismissed the view that Nvidia is competing with crypto. Instead, he considers that the investment opportunities emerging within AI can hardly erode the crypto value. He believes the crypto industry will lag unless the securities laws are adjusted and potentially suffer declining value.

Expedite Crypto Specific Regulation to Optimize Value

Ahluwalia indicates that pursuing exciting opportunities through tokenization would only trigger a violation of existing laws. He admits that unlocking the token economics would yield value and accelerate price appreciation. The executive challenged the stakeholders to move beyond the complaints and lawsuits, instead having Congress and SEC in direct conversation.  

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Nvidia is navigating bullish waters, with the stock realizing 250% growth from $143 in January 2023. It coincides with a period when Bitcoin price still hovers around $26000 and is dealing with flash crashes witnessed last week.

Nvidia’s acceleration is unmatched by Bitcoin, which rallied slightly above 50% from $166000 in January. Although the crypto market cap portrays recovery from the $826 million following the FTX collapse, it still suffers flashes of decline. 

Beyond the regulatory framework, the crypto market cap is prone to big trade influencing the market. A revisit of the previous Friday shows the flash crash eroded $84 billion from the crypto market cap. CoinGecko data shows that Bitcoin would slip by 6% to exchange hands below $26200, while Ripple suffered a 17% decline. 

The sudden decline arises from alleged news of Elon Musk’s SpaceX disposing of Bitcoin. Also, the crypto market suffered from news of China’s Evergrande, though the leading property developer filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection.

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